Lobby: Egypt reaching out to Iran

Currently, Jewish media is scratching its skull-cap on the possibility of a rapprochement between two most populated Middle East countries, Egypt and Iran. Jewish Lobby fear is based on the recent decision of Egyptian military dictator Gen. al-Sisi’s, a Crypto-Jew, to back Russian-Iran-Hizbullah plan to resolve 5-year-old US-Israel insurgency to topple Assad government. Cairo has also resisted to provide military support to US-Israel proxy war on Yemen by Saudi Arabia to topple Houthi Shi’ite regime in Sana’a.

Last week, in order to punish Cairo’s disloyalty, Riyadh halted shipments of oil products and payback for the return of two Red Sea islands to Saudi Arabia, expected under a $23bn aid deal.

Since Iran is the only major oil/gas producing country in the region which is not under threat of the Zionist/Jewish created Arab Spring or the US Israeli Proxy ISIS – Jewish media claimed that Egypt plans to buy oil from Iran to offset Saudi blockade. Both Cairo and Tehran have rejected the claim.

Egypt had been an oil/gas exporter for decades. It has large volume of both onshore and offshore oil and gas fields. Israel became one of its customers after Imam Khomeini banned all diplomatic and trade relations with the Zionist regime in 1979. Under King Reza Shah, Israel used to import 80% of energy need from Iran. However, in the recent years, declining output from older fields and multinational oil companies’ refusal to invest money into the untapped fields have turned Egypt from exporter to a net importer.

Egypt can buy oil/gas from other regional oil producing nations – even from its ally Israel which has just signed a $10 billion gas deal with Jordan. However, Iran wouldn’t mind selling oil to Egypt as it had been to another Israel’s ally, Turkey. The real reason behind Egyptian support for Russia in Syria is country’s interest to buy Russian arms. Egyptian army has not forgot its past humiliation in Yemen under president Gamal Nasser (d. 1970).

There are, however, several problems in normalization of relations between Iran and Egypt as used to be during the reigns of Kings Farouk and Reza Shah. Gen. al-Sisi came into power by leading a military coup against democratically elected president Dr. Mohamed Morsi. Al-Sisi is also known for his hatred and persecution of Islamists especially members of region’s oldest Islamic movement Muslim Brotherhood. Under Iranian Constitution which is based on Theocracy, both these actions are, NO, NO.

Iran can live with a US-Israel allied regime in Egypt as it does with Erdogan’s regime in Turkey. But, Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatullah Ali Khameini will never forget al-Sisi’s pro-Israel agenda against Hamas and Hizbullah.

Iran broke its diplomatic and trade relations with Egypt in June 1979 in response to 1) president Anwar Sadaat’s recognition of Jewish occupation of Palestine in 1979 in return for $1.3 billion annual US military aid (Camp David Accord). Israel got $3 billion annual military to defend itself from its Arab neighbors. Imam Khomeini condemned Sadaat calling it treason against Islam, 2) after 1979 Islamic revolution, president Anwar Sadaat gave refuge to the deposed King Reza Shah.

In 2013, Dr. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad became the first Iranian president in office to visit Egypt, to attend OIC conference in Cairo. During the visit Ahmadinejad received a red-carpet treatment from president Morsi government. He also visited Al-Azhar and held a meeting with Sheikh Ahmad al-Tayyeb.

In 2007, former Iranian president Ayatullah Khatami had visited Egypt as a tourist.

Egypt and Iran have many religious and historic links. Egypt was ruled by Shi’ite Fatimid dynasty from 969 to 1171 CE. Both Cairo city and famous Al-Azhar University were built by the Fatmid Sultans. Ottoman Turks destroyed the Shi’ite empire in 1171 CE. King Reza Shah’s first Queen Fawzia was an Egyptian princess. Reza Shah is buried in Cairo next to his first wife.



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