Hindu professor: Tipu Sultan was Mahatma

Tipu-Sultan[1]Despite two deaths in 2015 over Tipu Sultan’s 265th Birthday, and Modi’s government objections – the Karnataka government went ahead with the celebration of Tiger of Mysore’s 266th birthday on November 10.

State opposition BJP and other Hindu extremist groups have accused Congress state chief minister S. Siddaramaiah of exploiting Muslim minority vote bank by glorifying Muslim ruler of Mysore state.

On November 8, BJP and its anti-Muslim allies observed Black Day protest against Tipu Sultan anniversary event.

Hindu oligarch Mohandas Pai, who called ‘Father of India’ Mahatma Gandhi ‘racist’ last year – also slammed Karnataka government over honoring Tipu Sultan. The racist Hindu suggest that why Siddaramaiah don’t celebrate anniversary of Mughal emperor Aurangzeb, calling the emperor, “a tyrant and staunch religious fundamentalist.”

Emperor Aurangzeb whose 398th birth anniversary fell on November 4, is described by India Today: “Aurangzeb was one of the boldest Mughal emperors and during his reign, India was one of the richest nations in the world.” The truth can be found here.

Another Hindutva scholar advised Siddaramaiah not to waste money on such political PR events, and instead build a school named after Tipu Sulatn in Indian occupied Kashmir. The moron doesn’t know that Tipu Sultan was ruler of Mysore and not Kashmir.

On November 10, professor BP Mahesh Chandra Guru (University of Mysore) penned an article, entitled, Tribute To Mahatma Tipu Sultan, in which he debunked Hindutva lies about the Muslim ruler.

Gandhiji wrote in ‘Young India’ that Tipu was an embodiment of Hindu-Muslim unity. His letters to Shringeri Mutt and religious gifts and land grants to several Hindu temples speak his deep respect towards Hindus also. Therefore, to call Tipu a bigot is highly erroneous. Tipu Sultan’s intricate, complex international maneuvering, risks, initiatives, friendships and negotiations were primarily aimed at upliftment prosperity, providing security and improving the life of the people and his state a truly developed state like Britain or France were at that time,” Dr. Guru said.

As a matter of fact, Tipu Sultan was a great champion of Hindu-Muslim amity, agricultural modernization, industrialization, rocket technology, sericulture, protection of Hindu temples, social justice and nationalism. Unfortunately, some vested interests have branded Tipu as an anti-national ruler which is biased, baseless, unfounded and motivated,” added Dr. Guru.


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