Canada: B’nai B’rith War on Free Speech at Campuses

image034[1]The Jewish B’nai B’rith (Canada) which lauds the Jewish terrorist militias like Irgun, Palmach, and Stern Gang as ‘freedom fighters’ who fought for the creation of first Jewish state on an Arab land, cannot digest criticism of Jewish and Israeli terrorism against non-Jews in parliament or at universities.

Last month, B’nai B’rith got suspended professor Anthony Hall (University of Lethbridge) without pay. Dr. Hall had long been victim of Canadian Jewish groups smear campaign for his criticism of the Zionist entity. His recent crime was, he claimed that Israel committed 9/11 and Muslims had nothing to do with it.

Several Canadian academic criticized Dr. Michael J. Mahon, president University of Lethbridge over caving-in to the B’nai B’rith.

Dr. Mujahid Kamran, Vice-Chancellor of the University of Punjab (Pakistan) in a letter urged Dr. Mahon to stand up to B’nai B’rith bullies and reinstate Dr. Hall with full back pay.

In his letter, professor Kamran said that it was evident that Professor Anthony Hall was a scholar whose work exposes the crimes and conspiracies of those who were taking the world headlong into a global war and simultaneously transforming it into a global slave state. He said his analysis was impeccable and his grasp of facts masterly and his writings were devoid of any prejudice against any ethnic group or nation. He said that his suspension creates an impression that certain powerful interests that aim at destroying free speech, have targeted people like Professor Anthony Hall, who speak out for democracy, decency, peace and justice.

The vice chancellor wrote that B’nai B’rith was behind this movement against shutting down free speech. He said that it is quite evident that the charge that Professor Anthony Hall has created a discriminatory atmosphere is highly dubious. To the contrary, he wrote, it appears that an anti-Muslim bias has been created in the Canadian University by Professor Hall’s unfortunate suspension. He wrote that it was also worrying that B’nai B’rith have now targeted Canadian universities and Canadian society. If this is the case then the situation is disturbing, not just for Lethbridge and Canada, but for all freedom loving people worldwide, he wrote.

On behalf of the academic community of the University of the Punjab, I urge you to kindly reconsider your decision to suspend Professor Hall. It will go a long way in rehabilitating the impression of people worldwide about the upholding of free speech, academic freedom, and genuine scholarly discourse at Lethbridge,” he said.


One response to “Canada: B’nai B’rith War on Free Speech at Campuses

  1. Interesting article. I check out most of your posts, Rehmat, because though often our perspectives are different on issues, you are certainly knowledgeable in areas of Christian – Islamic – Jewish relations.

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