Trump’s victory and the Jews

f0d03-us_brownnosersEven though Hillary Clinton beat Donald Trump by securing a few hundred more votes – Donald Trump won the US presidency based on the ‘electoral votes’ by gaining more than the 270 threshold (he received 276).

Forget the Jewish Lobby’s anti-Trump smear campaign including his racism, financial frauds and his sexual crimes. It’s all to get the greater pro-Israel evil elected.

The Organized Jewry didn’t like Trump to control US foreign policy – not because he is anti-Muslims or anti-non-White immigration. Trump who has very close business relations with Wall Street vultures, his daughter converted to Judaism for her boyfriend, and even his election campaign was run by several pro-Israel Jew staffers. The Jewish groups don’t trust Trump over Hillary because he is a open cannon. For example, in a recent add in which Trump identified four bad American dudes without naming their religion – Hillary Clinton, George Soros, Janet Yellen, and Lloyd Blankfein. But Jewish Lobby is very good in ‘connecting the dots’ when it comes to a smear campaign. Now it happens that Hillary’s daughter also has a Jew husband – and the rest of the three dudes happens to be 101% Jewish – born to Jewish mothers.

Not surprisingly, one of the first persons to congratulate Trump on his victory, was Jonathan Arkush, president of powerful British Jewish Lobby, the Board of Deputy of British Jews.

In a statement published on the Board’s website on Wednesday morning, Arkush said: “I would like to congratulate Donald Trump on his victory. After a divisive campaign, I hope that Trump will move to build bridges and ensure that America’s standing as a beacon of progress, tolerance and free-thinking remains strong.”

Donald Trump’s mother Mary was born in Britain.

Russian president Putin lauded Trump’s victory.

Jewish Time magazine declared Trump victory as Vladimir Putin’s victory in Syria and Ukraine as Trump is expected to lift sanctions against Russia.

News website First Post claims Trump’s victory is not only celebrated by Republicans and anti-Muslim American racists, but also by ISIS, a US-Israel creation.

The Jew York Times has this to say: “Trump can be a good president. He just needs to forget most of what he said on the campaign trail.” What is good for the Jew York Times is good for Netanyahu – but bad for America.

Donald Trump has become the new President of the United States of America and the whole world is a more insecure place,” says J.N. PAQUET, British political writer, journalist and author of 50 children books.

Trump is as much a product of the plutocracy that is now America as Clinton. He, like Clinton, will do nothing to fix the most important issue facing Americans: America, not Israel First.

Personally, I think Trump’s victory is not going to have some major effects on America’s anti-Muslim national and international policies. The only positive out-come of November 9 charade is the election of first Muslim female lawmaker Ilhan Omar from Minnesota.

If such political charade had happened in Iran – both candidates would have been disqualified; Trump allegedly rapping a 13-year-old girl, and FBI reopening investigation into Hillary’s use of e-mails and Clinton Foundation accepting millions of dollars in donations from foreign countries.


4 responses to “Trump’s victory and the Jews

  1. Can’t post this shit on my timeline…

  2. Not much will change with Trump. Israel will still get whatever it wants and those TBTF Wall Street casinos will keep getting bailouts.
    But at least the Clinton Dynasty is gone and good deal. What a pair of thieving, conniving, greedy, back-stabbing murderers and rapists.
    And WW III with Russia is on hold, until the same SOBs who set off 9/11 ‘gift’ us again.
    Trump is smart enough to know that if he veers to far off the chosen path, he’ll join JFK in Arlington..

    Until the Jew owned FED has a stake driven thru its blackened heart and the government starts issuing debt-free currency, not much will change.

    P.S. Instead of Trump being an ‘open’ cannon, think the correct phrase is ‘loose’ cannon.

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