UK’s gay-Jew envoy to Israel: No hope of peace in ME

al-qaeda-Israel[1]In 2014, Benjamin Netanyahu had boasted that the Western dream of a Palestinian state next to Israel would only happen over his dead body.

On November 8, David Quarrey, British ambassador to Israel while talking to a British delegation from the Women’s International Zionist Organization (WIZO) in his office in Tel Aviv said that peaceful co-existence between Israeli Jews and Palestinians is unlikely to happen for decades, even centuries.

Quarrey told the women that though several regional Arab governments such as Sudi Arabia, Egypt, UAE, Bahrain, and Turkey are warming-up to Israel – the majority of people in those countries hate Israel for its occupation and treatment of Palestinians.

He also asserted that foreign powers have no right to push Israeli government to accept the US, French or Saudi peace initiatives.

What Quarrey hated to tell the delegate that Israel would never listen to a world power as long as she is protected by America’s veto power at the UN Security Council. Washington has used its veto to shield Israel’s crimes 39 times between 1972-2005.

Commenting on UK leaving European Union, Quarrey said that no matter what Britain will always be Israel’s friend.

David Quarrey is not only Jewish but also openly gay. His live-in partner is Aldo Henriquez.

Quarrey was private secretary of the former British prime minister Tony Blair, a war criminal.

Israeli actions have proven again and again that it has no intention to live in peace with its Palestinian victims.


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