Lobby: Muslims taking over Minnesota!

ilhan with studentsOn August 9, 2016, Somali-born American Muslim social worker, Ilhan Omar, 34, defeated 22-term (44 years) incumbent Phyllis Kahn, as the Minnesota Democratic Farmer Labor Party (DFL) candidate for the state legislature election on November 8.

On August 12, Scott W. Johnson at PowerLine described the New York City native: “Phyllis Kahn is the den grandmother of the Minnesota Left.”

Interestingly, the Zionist filth Johnson couldn’t control his anti-Muslim itch to demonize Omar’s victory over his fellow Israeli hag Kahn. On September 9, he claimed at the Jewish City Journal, entitled, The Curious Case of Ilhan Omar – in which he accused Omar marrying her own brother.

Omar’s campaign debunked Jewish media lies, saying, Omar had never legally married Ahmed Hirsi and flatly denied that Ahmed Nur Said Elmi, her legal husband, is her brother.

I wonder if Johnson has ever read Deuteronomy 25:5-10, which allows the first-born son to inherit his father’s wives except his biological mother. And if the couple had no children, the oldest brother of the dead man may take the widow as a wife, even if the brother is already married (here).

I remember Jewish media slandering of Keith Maurice Ellison. It was state of Minnesota which elected the first Muslim Congressman in United States history in 2007. Ellison, a former member of the Nation of Islam, has turned himself to a House Nigger.

Ilhan Omar’s victory is certain on November 8, as her fellow Somali opponent has withdrawn, and Republican didn’t bother to oppose their fellow pro-Israel Kahn. Omar’s election will reduce Jew lawmakers at Minnesota legislature from 11 to 10.

A hijab wearing Ilhan Omar would certainly be a pain in the next US president butts. We have to wait to find out the Omar Effect (watch video below).


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