German politician jailed over Auschwitz tattoo

On Monday, a district court judge Jörn Kalbow in Neuruppin, north of Berlin found Marcel Zech, 28, a politician belonging to the National Democratic Party (NDP) guilty of antisemitism and sentenced him to eight months in jail for having an Auschwitz tattoo on his back.

The back tattoo feature the message at the front gate to the Buchenwald labor camp – Jedem das Seine or To each what he deserve – as well as a picture of the Auschwitz labor camp. A Holocaust watchdog took a photo of the tattoo last November when Zech removed his shirt at a public swimming pool.

Monday sentence followed an earlier six month suspension in December 2015.

Jörn Kalbow claimed that a lesser sentence could have interpreted as German state backing-down in its fight against delegitimizing Holocaust. Germany is one of the 15 European states where challenging the Zionist story of Holocaust is a major crime punishable with maximum 3-year jail or a heavy fine.

NDP is a minor political party, and is represented in some state assemblies only. It has no member elected to German parliament. However, currently, it has one member sitting in the European Union parliament.

NDP party was declared ‘neo-Nazi’, and ‘ultra-far-right’ in 2010 after its past president Holger Apfel called Israel a Jewish terrorist state in 2010. As result he was suspended from the parliament for using his ‘freedom of speech’ rights inside parliament of a so-called “Western democracy”.

Stop cooperation with the state of Jewish scoundrel. Don’t give in to the thriving holocaust industry,” said MP Holger Apfel during a debate in Saxony state parliament.

German Jewish groups have been demanding banning of NDP party for years.

On November 16, 2012, The Times of Israel reported that Germany had so far paid $89 billion in compensation to Israel and ever-increasing Holocaust survivors – and their was no end to this highway robbery.

On April 12, 2015, German daily Die Welt, well-known for its blind support for the Zionist entity, published an article stating that the Federal Republic of Germany, or West Germany under US occupation, helped finance Israel’s nuclear program in the 1960s.

This top secret initiative was reportedly named Aktion Geschäftsfreund, or Operation Business Partner. It bypassed German parliament, with the money being funneled through Kreditanstalt für Wiederaufbau, a West German-government owned development bank.

Screenshot Facebook KZ-Tattoo


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