Iran declared World Bodybuilding Champion in Spain

Iran-Flag-128[1]Iran’s national bodybuilding team after wining five gold, two silver, and one bronze medals was declared world champion at the 70th addition of the 5-day International Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness (IFBB) Men’s Amateur Bodybuilding Championship (here) event held at the Benidorm Palace, in the eastern Spanish city of Benidorm, Alicante (watch a video below).

The competition began on November 3 and finished on November 7, 2016. It brought together a total of 235 world athletes from countries such as Iran, South Korea, Philippines, Vietnams, Ukraine, Germany, France, Poland, Argentina, Azerbaijan, Czech Republic, Ecuador, Oman, Kuwait, UAE, Italy, Japan, Estonia, and Slovakia.

Iran’s Mehdi Haydari and Sajjad Niknam clinched two gold medals in the 70-kilogram and 85-kilogram weight categories respectively, while Hossein Kalateh snatched another gold in the 90-kilogram class.

Ja’far Ghaffarnejad and Behrouz Tabani also landed in the first place in the 95-kilogram and 100-kilogram weight sections, and were awarded gold medals.

In the 95-kilogram and 100-kilogram divisions, Maysam Keshvari and Hassan Khosravi also got two silver medals for Iran respectively.

Mohsen Samadi pocketed a bronze medal in the over 100-kilogram class.


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