Buying ‘loyalty’ via USAID

Washington loves to buy loyalty of foreign rulers mostly for Israel’s benefit. For example, US gives $1.3 billion annual military aid to Egypt to keep peace with Israel – and $350 million USAID to Jordan to do the same for Israel. However, sometimes, this bribery fails to secure loyalties from the USAID recipients like the Zionist regime which like a scorpion had sting the US on many occasions ; from USS Liberty to 9/11.

Last month Egypt angered the US, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, and Qatar over supporting Russian proposal for a truce in Syria at the UN Security Council. Thank to ISIS surrogated mother, United States’ pressure most of 10 non-permanent members at the UNSC voted against the Russian proposal to kill it.

Most of the USAID to foreign nations like Japan, Jordan, Afghanistan and Pakistan is tied to their purchase of US arms on higher prices than the market value. The US annual military aid to Israel which will jump from $3.1 billion to $38 billion next year entitles the country to buy US arms on subsidized price.

However, US aid to world tyrants is also buy their votes to support US invasions or defend America’s illegal demands at the UNSC as happened at Israel’s admission to the UN on its third application on May 11, 1949 (here).

Hosni Mubarak’s Egypt, for instance, was the second-largest recipient of the US aid, which arrived in the shape of finances and arms. In return, Cairo granted security in the region, which first meant acceptance of Israel,” says Peter Dale Scott, Canadian academic, diplomat and author.

Saudi Arabia happens to be America’s largest arms buyer followed by UAE. The rest of top ten buyers are India, Turkey, South Korea, Taiwan, Japan, Australia, Iraq, and Egypt. Middle East accounts for 40% of American arms sale. The US-Israel created ISIS has boosted US arms sale further.

A very few US lawmakers such as Dennis Kucinich, Cynthia McKinney and Ron Paul, pulled the courage and recommended cancellation of all US aid to Israel, Egypt, and Pakistan. As expected, the Jewish Lobby chased the lawmakers for calling a ban to USAID to the Zionist entity and its ally Egypt calling them ‘Jew-haters’. However, the Jewish-controlled media (The New Yorker, May 16, 2011) blessed the ban on Pakistan – claiming that Pakistani people hate Americans the most, and the country established a ‘secret nuclear program’ to attack US allies in the region such as India, Egypt and Israel.


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