David Duke and Jewish Lobby

Have you ever wondered what is common between Mel Gibson and Dr. David Duke? Even though both are not against the Jewish occupation of Palestine, and have some admirers among the Jews. But both have been victims of the Jewish vengeance for decades.

The Jewish media never stops mentioning Duke’s name without belittling him with his past association with anti-Black mafia Ku Klux Klan (KKK), even though several Jews held high positions in the White Supremacist organization.

Recently the Jewish Lobby has come chasing Duke, who is running for Louisiana State Senate, for making a political wrong statement, Jews control the US media, and international banks.

There is a problem in America with a very strong, powerful tribal group that dominates our media and dominates our international banking. I’m not opposed to all Jews. I think there’s a lot of great Jews,” Duke said Wednesday at a debate at the Dillard University in New Orleans.

Even though Duke didn’t condemn the entire Jewish race – he is still an antisemite in the Jewish Lobby notebook which doesn’t believes in forgiveness.

Donald Trump, as a true Zionist in closet, has rejected Duke and KKK support to please Jewish Lobby.

I’m no fan of David Duke, who attended Tehran Holocaust Conference in December 2006 (listen to his speech below). But, I know British Jewish writer and human rights activist Paul Eisen always admired Duke for latter’ opinion about Jewish Supremacy.

Oh, how I wish I could stop posting David Duke (it gets me into no end of trouble). Trouble is he just wouldn’t stop telling the truth. Come on David, give a Jew a break,” wrote on his blog in 2013.

The said conference was sponsored by the Institute for Political and International Studies (IPIS) to expose West’s double standard on the so-called ‘freedom of speech’ after western leaders and press defended Flemming Rose, the Jewish editor of top Danish newspaper Jyllands-Posten’s right to insult the prophet Muhammad (pbuh). The conference was attended by 73 scholars and historians from 37 countries including the US, Canada, and Britain.

David Duke supports Donald Trump, but doesn’t share Trump’s hatred towards Muslims and Islam.


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