Key-Modi: Israel’s allies meet in New Delhi

On October 26, New Zealand’s Jewish prime minister John Key paid a 2-day visit to India. He was welcomed by his Indian counterpart and fellow friend of Netanyahu, Narendra Modi who urged John Key to drop his country’s opposition to India’s membership to the Nuclear Suppliers Group (NSG). China is the other NSG member which has refused to let America’s Asian proxy to join the group.

In June 2016, in South Korea despite strong US support, China had blocked India’s bid on the ground that it was a not a signatory to the Nuclear Non- Proliferation Treaty (NPT). India along with Israel, and Pakistan have refused to join NPT while North Korea canceled its NPT membership as result of America’s bullying over country’s friendship with Iran and support for an independent Palestinian state.

India’s ruling BJP and other Hindu extremist parties entertained John Key with a grand Hindu festival of Diwali aka ‘festival of lights’ showcase on Sunday.

Key was accompanied by a 35-member trade delegation – anxious to bring NZ business to world’s most populous nation (1.2 billion) with 55% living in poverty.

During Modi-Key face-to-face meeting, Modi, as expected, explained how India was a victim of Pakistan-supported terrorist attacks in Kashmir.

Modi is a great ‘balancing actor’ when it comes to choosing friends. While he has joined American Axis against regional super-power China, New Delhi still maintains its 66-year-old alliance with Russia. Modi loves Israel but that didn’t stop him visiting Iran and importing 20% of country’s oil needs from Iran. Modi is seeking Saudi Arabian investments, but he doesn’t agree with Riyadh’s wish, A Syria without Assad.

Interestingly, the diplomatic relations between NZ and the Zionist entity are handled by consul-generals in Wellington and Tel Aviv. The two countries have never exchanged ambassadors. Jonathan Curr NZ ambassador to Turkey is also assigned to Tel Aviv, and visits the Zionist entity once a month. He also acts as NZ representative to Palestinian Authority in the Jewish occupied West Bank.

Hindu-ruled India and the White-ruled New Zealand do have many things in common. For example, the persecution of its Muslim minority. A 2015 survey  claimed that though on an average NZ Muslims are more educated than fellow Christians – Muslims are more likely to be unemployed.

Hindus make 5% of New Zealand population as compared to 2.4% Muslim population. However, I’m glad to read some Zionist bloggers’ prediction that by 2030, NZ will be a Muslim-majority country!


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