Dutch Jews: Torah is not ‘anti-gay’!

In September 2016, Dutch ex-prime minister Dries Van Agt (1977-82) irked country’s Organized Jewry by calling Benjamin Netanyahu, a War Criminal.

Last week, Dutch Jewish groups condemned a flyer distributed in Amsterdam which condemned homosexuality by claiming that the practice is banned in Judaism, Christianity and Islam.

Local police detained three antisemite men, aged 29 to 39 after the Central Jewish Board of the Netherlands (CJO) lodged a complaint. The police has refused to identify the religious background of the three men, but the country’s Jewish-controlled media claimed they’re Muslims even though the flyer doesn’t quote a passage from Holy Qur’an.

The text of the flier quotes a passage from the Christian Bible and another from the Torah condemning homosexuality. The latter, from Leviticus, reads: Do not have sexual relations with a man as one does with a woman; that is detestable.

According to the flier, children raised by homosexuals are likelier to be sexually abused and homosexuals are likelier to commit suicide. They feature a picture of a rabbi, a priest, and Muslim leader of daily prayers.

Last year, UK’s chief rabbi Ephraim Mirvis admitted that sexual abuse of children among Jewish communities has become epidemic. The same goes for the Catholic Church.

The CJO said in a statement that it disagrees with flyers’ anti-gay message and regrets the citing of Judaism by the people responsible for distributing them.

In October 2015, CJO in a statement urged Amsterdam Mayor Aberhard van der Laan to remove Iraqi and Syrian refugees housed in a community center located near Jewish homes. Thanks G-d, Moroccan-born Ahmed Aboutaleb, the antisemite is Mayor of Rotterdam and not City of Amsterdam.

CJO chairman Ron van der Wieken told the press that his organization was “outraged by the discriminatory fliers, which the Jewish community strongly rejects,” adding that “flyer’s text of Torah is full of glaring lies.”

Wieken could be right. Last year, Rabbi Avi Weiss in an Op-Ed at Israeli Ha’aretz said, “as an Orthodox rabbi I believe homosexuality is against Jewish teachings – but being a committed believer in the separation of synagogue from the state, I support the same-sex marriage in a civil court.”

Professor Sarah Schulman (College of Staten Island, New York), a lesbian and author of 47 books claims Gay Rights movement is Jewish.

In June 2004, Canadian blogger Simon Jones in an article, entitled, Jews and Gays – Birds of a feather explained that homosexuality is a part of Jewish culture.

Like Jews, gays have ancient roots of persecution and have been mostly outcasts since the rise of Christianity (though the roots of persecution, ironically, are in the Torah). This persecution complex – I know it first-hand – leaves an indelible mark on one’s character – defiance of a hypocritical, unjust society, a desire for revenge, a feeling of superiority (warranted or not), a lack of patriotism. So gays automatically empathize with Jews. At the same time, gays often crossed paths with Jews professionally – in the arts, as writers, philosophers, councilors, etc.,” says Jones.

Jews will insist that they are not racists, that it is the goys that are racist, and then, without batting an eye, talk about their DNA, and defend unconditionally the only blatantly racist state – Israel, unique among sovereign states (except for Nazi Germany). Judaism is a veritable ‘shell game’: a religion, no – an identity, oops – a culture, wrong again – a tradition. It is a slippery fish – whatever fits the bill at the moment,” says Jones.

Gays have also been persecuted – mostly by the church, though Islam and Judaism (yes, our fellow sufferers!) traditionally also forbid and punish homosexuality. But there were never any instances of hysterical, mass expulsion of gays, as there were of Jews. Why? Clearly, because gays never really posed a threat to the dominant society,” adds Jones.


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