Pro-Israel Senator mocks disabled opponent

On Thursday, Illinois Republican Sen. Mark Kirk mocked his opponent Democrat Congresswoman Tommy Duckworth’s military service in Iraq war and her mother’s Asian family background.

I forgot the Congresswoman’s parents came all the way from Thailand to serve George Washington,” Kirk said during the first televised debate at the University of Illinois in Springfield (watch video below). The Illinois contest is very decisive for the control of the US Senate by either party.

In August 2016, Kirk said Barack Obama was acting like a “drug dealer- in chief” by giving $400 million to Iran out of Iran’s $150 billion frozen assets since 1980s.

Earlier, Kirk apologized to Israel’s chief Senate handler, Lindsey Graham, who is unmarried like Pope Francis, as a bro with no ho.

Mark Kirk, a Zionist Christian, is known for his blind support for the Zionist entity. On October 14, 2016, Harry Maryless declared Kirk, Proven Friend of Israel, at pro-Netanyahu Israeli newspaper The Jerusalem Post.

Duckworth, the first Asian-American lawmaker to serve Illinois, is an Iraq War veteran who lost both legs and damaging her right arm when the Black Hawk she was co-piloting was shot-down by Iraqi resistance in 2004. She won a Purple Heart for her service in Iraq.

Duckworth supported Barack Obama’s decision to bless the so-called P5+1 and Iran Nuclear agreement.

Kirk is supported by Israel lobby AIPAC while Duckworth is supported by J-Street, the ‘moderate’ version of AIPAC.

For those who care about the welfare of the Jewish State, Duckworth’s policies are not so stellar. She is a party loyalist that supports the Iran deal. More telling is her endorsement by j-Street, the liberal lobbying group that was established as a counter to AIPAC. This pro Israel lobbying group has been successful in arguing Israel’s case to our elected officials. AIPAC is respected in Washington on both sides of the political aisle. They are seen as a required stop for every Presidential candidate seeking office,” Kirk claimed in an interview.

Kirk also believe that Israel should annex the West Bank – and Washington has no moral rights to stop the new Jewish settlements in the Palestinian land it occupied during the June 1967 war. He claims that pulling Jewish soldiers out of Gaza was a great mistake for which Israel is paying on the hands of Hamas since 2006.

Duckworth whom Kirk calls pro-Hamas supports Washington’s myth of two-state Palestine solution. Kirk, on the other hand, believes his Bible gave the Holly Land to Khazarian Jews.


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