French ‘National Front’ seeks funds from Arab rulers

Grand Imam of al-Azhar Sheikh Ahmed el-Tayeb met with Marine Le Pen in Cairo Photo: AFP

The French anti-Muslim, anti-immigration White supremacist political party, French National (FN), led by Marine Le Pen is seeking money from UAE and Egypt to fund her current presidential campaign, according to an investigative report released by journal Mediapart on October 24, 2016.

Marine Le Pen is not the only French political leader who loves Muslim funding. In 2007, Nicolas Sarkozy, former Israeli Mossad ‘sleeper’ received £42 million to fund his presidential bid from Libyan leader Muammar Qaddafi.

France’s current president Francois Hollande (Jewish) in recently published book, A President Should Not Say That, has claimed that France has problem with its (8-10 million) Muslim population. On December 4, 2013, veteran British journalist and author Alan Hart called Hollande, French Bitch of Zionism.

A new French book, Nos Tres Chers Emirs (Our Dearest Emirs), has claimed that several French politician are being bought by anti-Israel Arab rulers.

Marine Le Pen in an interview with Jewish newspaper France 24 in September 2014 had blamed Saudi Arabia and Qatar, two of America’s best Arab allies, for funding terrorism around the world. “France needs to cut off its links with Qatar and Saudi Arabia, which have helped, supported and funded Islamic fundamentalists across the world,” she said.

Naturally, even if Marine Le Pen does become the French president in 2017, she will never jeopardize the $16 billion arms trade with Saudi Arabia and Qatar.

She reportedly met UAE representatives at her house in Montretout in July 2014, as well as then-Egyptian Prime Minister Ibrahim Mahlab and other Egyptian political and religious leaders in May 2015.

Marine Le Pen visited Egypt in May 2015 and met Grand Mufti of Al-Azhar, Sheikh Ahmed el-Tayeb (see photo above), who condemned her and the National Front party over Islamophobia.

Marine Le Pen is famous for her anti-Muslim outbursts in public. She is Crypto-Zionist with a Jewish boyfriend. Last year, she expelled her own father Jean-Marie Le Pen, 87, the founder of National Front to please French Jewish Lobby (CRIF). Jean-Marine has always maintained the opinion that Jewish Holocaust is the greatest myth of the last century. On April 6, 2016, Jean-Marine Le Pen, a Member of European Parliament, was fined £25 000 by Paris Correctional Court for denying Holocaust.

Marine Le Pen supports fellow Muslim haters such as the Butcher of Chechnya Vladimir Putin and the GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump. Russian banks have granted two loans to National Front, which amounted to a total of US$12 million in 2014.

Marine Le Pen’s anti-Muslim, anti-immigration, and firing her father to please French Jewish community (500,000) seems boosted her popularity. Latest polls show that under her leadership the National Front is expected to win the first round of the 2017 presidential election with 25-30 percent of the vote.


8 responses to “French ‘National Front’ seeks funds from Arab rulers

  1. Vladimir Putin presented Ayatollah Khamenei with an antique Quran in 2016.
    Vladimir Putin opened the Moscow mosque in 2016.
    Vladimir Putin is in Syria supporting the legally elected government of Syria.
    Vladimir Putin threatened to level Riyadh to a parking lot when Prince Bandar Bush turned up with money to ask Putin to name his price to turn away from Assad and thus ensure the Sochi games would “proceed peacefully” without the Saudi funded Chechnya terrorists making problems
    Saudi-Israelia funds Chechnya ISIS terrorists.
    Salafism has been officially excommunucated from Islam by Al Azhar in 2016. Salafism which is a breath away from Wahabism is a Zionist invention.
    Putin supports real Islam not Saudi Israelian (British Zio invented) Wahabism

    • I’m aware of Putin’s all those “pro-Islamic gestures” for blunting Iranian, Pakistan and Hizbullah support for Muslim lands occupied by the Russian imperial for the last four centuries.

      I’m also aware of the fact that Saudi ‘royals’ have Jewish family roots – and so does Vladimir Putin.

      There is only one Islam – but like Christianity and Judaism – Islam too have over 70 misguided sects. Wahhabis and Sala’afis are as much Muslims as Zionists are Jewish or Evangelists are Christians.

      Putin re-opened Moscow’s old main mosque as head of the Russian government, which was shut-down by several decades. It was enlarged and renovated by Turkey.

      The acid test for Putin’s support for “real Islam”, is:

      1. He refuses to have referendum in five of Muslim majority states under Russian occupation.
      2. He supports the Zionist entity like every US president. He has received Benjamin Netanyahu three times in Moscow in the last 12 months.
      3. Russian jets have never intercepted Israeli F16s violating Syrian space.
      4. He supports Serbia against Bosnia.

      • Respectfully acknowledging your points here’s my take on it:

        Vladimir Putin’s measured actions on Iran, Syria, Hezbollah & Lebanon & increasingly Egypt encouragingly sends a signal to the rest of the miserable Arab & Asian muslim world to break free from the yolk of the Zio Petrol station Sheikhs & the Al Yahud mafia occupying Arabia and encourages them to move towards the non Aligned sovereign muslim states.
        Thank God he says No to referendums to Muslims living in their Russian ancestral homelands otherwise they’ll turn into pro-Us-Israeli- Saudi encircling Russia like the miserable Israeli playground that Azerbayjan has become or like the pro-Israeli Iraqi kurds. Thank God he’s not foolish enough to give them self rule otherwise they’d be flooded with Wahabi madrasas in no time. He’s no fool to want to be encircled by them who’ll invite NATO in a flash.
        He received Netanyahu/visited Israel, big deal. He’s still annihilating DAESH in Syria so Netanyahu can keep treating the miserable traitors in Israeli hospitals. The only reason Netanyahu isn’t annexing Syria as part of the Yinon plan is because of the Russians (and Hezbollah & Iran) are there. Otherwise Damascus would fall under greater Israel like Jordan.
        Thank God Putin plays it wisely otherwise the Pax Israeli would be on Iran’s door step
        Re: Islam. Just about every single Sunni nation has a corrupt dictator in charge and has a Wahabi/Salafist problem because they’ve had the culture of resistance to tyrants beaten out of them & they bend to the Yazid of the day. Saudi muftis openly say Yazid was right to kill the Prophets grandson who died to uphold The religion of his grandfather, the Prophet of Islam (Peace eternally be upon him). With this sort of a culture no wonder the Israelis and their American servants enslave the sunni world from Africa to Indonesia. No wonder Netanyahu constantly and publicly says they have so much in common with the Arabs.
        As Ayatollah Khamenei said and is imbedded in the Constitution of the Islamic Republic to never recognise the Zionist entity “We will never recognise the Zionist occupiers. There isn’t a single Shia Palestinian but we will never accept Zionist rule on an inch of the lands of the Islamic Umma, the one Ummah”

  2. Dear zazaza270, I have no problem with your glorification of Putin as long as you keep him in his Soviet imperialism revival cage. He is a good leader for Russian Christians and Jewish oligarchs. However, when it comes to Muslims, Russians have a bloody colonial history beginning with occupation of Muslim Khanate of Siberia in the 1580s.

    Muslim communities existed in Balkan when Russia exited only in the city of Moscow under the rule of Ivan the Terrible.

    Don’t fear about turning Muslim lands after separating from Russian Bear’s grip. If they want they can humiliate Russia as the did to the Red Army in Afghanistan. In case you have noticed – the entire Christian world is already controlled by the Zionist Mafia.

    Putin is helping Assad because he is the only Arab leader left who is friendly to the communist world. He is helping Assad not to fall under the influence of anti-Israel resistance groups.

  3. Wtf is that article ? You tell crap, you tell lies from some truths ! Marine Lepen didn’t expelled her father to please CRIF but because she tries to give a good image of her parti (which is called FRONT national and not French national) and that her father didn’t help her in that way.She wants people to forget the true face and origins of FN. Oh, and François Hollande is from a Christian family and considers himself as an atheist FYI (that’s a well known fact if you would have did some research you would have known!) The only Jewish officially known is his prime minister Manuel Valls. Your blog is just propaganda, and you lie to all your readers who believe the shit you say

    • Hey Jewish scorpion – I’m no mood to prove that you’re a lying Zionist pig. Both Sarkozy and Hollande are Jewish pigs behind the Christian Zionist burqa.

      Most Zionist Jew bastard pretend to be atheists – from Theodor Herzl to Gen. Ariel Sharon.

      Jean-Marie Le Pen seems to know European history better than Zionist creeps. He believe like billions of Goyim that the so-called SIX MILLION DIED is 20th century’s greatest myth.

      Jean-Marie Le Pen named his party ‘National Front’ but since it’s in France and not in Israel – I call it French ‘National Front’ on my post header.

      Nyeth moron – Manuel Valls is Catholic – only his ‘honeypot’ is Jewish.

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