ISIS defeat in Mosul is bad for Israel

b20141008030427[1]On October 27, 2016, Anshel Pfeffer, a British-Israeli journalist reported at UK’s Jewish Chronicle that fall of Daesh capital Mosul into the hands of Iraqi forces is bad for Israel because it will bring Iraqi Shi’ite and their Iranian military advisers closer to Israel.

Amid the slew of battle groups lining up to take on Daesh in Mosul, there is one cohort that is flashing large on the radars of Western and Israeli intelligence. Shia militias, under Iranian command, have joined the sundry coalition to uproot Daesh from the eastern Iraqi city with a particular aim: to help Tehran complete a “Shia Crescent” – a corridor – reaching from Iran, through Iraq and Syria, to Lebanon,” Pfeffer wrote.

Peffefer also claimed that some Iraqi Kurd military officers fighting against Daesh confided to him that “the position of the Shia militias effectively gives Iran and its proxies control of the entire border region between Iraq and Syria.”

As a typical Zionist pig, he boasted: “One senior officer told me Kurds have always seen Israel as an ally. Many Kurds live in Israel and we have worked well together in the past. From our point of view, one Israeli is worth the entire Iranian nation.”

Yes – Israel is home to nearly 100,000 Kurd Jews who immigrated from Iraq, Syria, Turkey, and Iran.

However, with all the help from the US, Israel, France, Canada, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, etc. Peffefer worries that Daesh is bound to vacate Mosul – and would move into Syria, Lebanon, and Israel.

No matter how long it takes, or the number of casualties, there is little doubt that the Battle of Mosul will end with the eviction of Daesh from its main Iraqi stronghold. The next stage is expected to be an operation against its remaining headquarters in Raqqa, in north-eastern Syria,” Peffefer said.

Peffefer also predicts that Daesh will launch a terrorist attack on Israel by the end of this year – just like it did in France, Belgium, Britain, Spain and Germany which were all Mossad false flag operations (here).

American Jewish writer, author, and radio talk-show host, Steve Lendman wrote last year: “The only threats Israel faces are ones it invents (here).

In august 2016, a study prepared by Israeli professor Efraim Inbar (Bar-Ilan University), director at Israel-based Zionist advocacy group, Begin-Sadat Center for Strategic Studies, had also claimed: ISIS defeat is bad for Israel.

In June 2014, Benjamin Netanyahu had admitted: Daesh is good for Israel.


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