Bosnian President visits Iran

Leader: Daesh traces back to West’s humiliation of Muslim youthOn Monday, the head of the presidential council of Bosnia-Herzegovina (BiH), Bakir Izetbegovic, 60, arrived in Tehran on the invitation of Iranian president Dr. Hassan Rouhani. He was accompanied by a trade delegation.

Tehran and Sarajevo officials signed an MOU on cooperation between the two side’s small and medium-sized enterprises on Tuesday during a ceremony at Tehran’s Sadabad Complex in the presence of Rouhani and Izetbegovic.

President Rouhani and Izetbegovic held a joint press conference after their meeting, highlighting the importance of expanding relations.

The relations between the two countries have always been friendly since the independence of Bosnia and Herzegovina and this trip will be a starting point to expand relations,” Rouhani explained.

On Tuesday, Bakir Izetbegovic paid visit to Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatullah Ali Khamenei. The leader told Izetbegovic that US-led coalition to fight ISIS is fraud – as it’s protecting ISIS in Syria and Iraq instead of destroying it.

Independent countries should quench the fire of division and conflict by strengthening relations and not being influenced by the policies of arrogant powers. The birthplace of ISIS and terrorism seems on the outside to be the Arab region, but in fact the US government and some European governments are the root cause. Although it may happen that these coalitions enter into war with terrorists in some cases, they do not seek to genuinely uproot terrorism neither in Iraq nor in Syria.Their bad and wicked polices are aggravating humanity’s afflictions every passing day,” said Khamenei.

Izetbegovic, for his part, expressed hope that the two countries succeed in expanding ties according to mutual interests. He also warned the Muslims over religious sectarianism which only serves the interests of the enemies of Islamic Ummah.

Islamic Republic was the first Muslim nation-state to establish embassy in Sarajevo. It sent nearly 300 government and military adviser to BiH government to defend their newly established independent nation against Serb and Croat Christian armies from former Yugoslavia. Removal of these Iranian became part of the notorious Dayton Accord in 1995, negotiated by US Jewish envoy Richard Holbrooke. In 1993, Tehran donated $100 million for the reconstruction of city of Sarajevo devastated by Serbian bombing. Pakistan contributed $10 million while Saudi Arabia only $5 million.

On December 10, 1995, a paranoid Zionist Jew Elaine Sciolino wrote at the Jew York Times that presence of Iranian advisers was a great threat to 20,000 American soldiers in BiH to monitor the Dayton Accord.

Throughout nearly four years of war, Iran has been one of Bosnia’s closest allies. During that period, while America and Europe would not arm and equip the Bosnians, Iran sent thousands of tons of weapons and hundreds of military trainers and intelligence officers, and distributed aid to the dispossessed,” said Sciolino.

Another paranoid Zionist Jew Gordon N. Bardos wrote at the World Affairs magazine (January/February 2013), America’s main intention behind the Dayton Accord was to eliminate Iran’s influence in the Balkan region which had failed as Iran is still maintaining its embassy in Sarajevo which is the largest in Europe. Bardos warned Washington that if Iranian influence is not stopped – Sarajevo could become a launching-pad for Hizbullah’s terrorism against American and Israeli interest in Europe.

Bakir Izetbegovic, an architect by profession, is leader of country’s largest political party, Party of Democratic Action (PDA). He is son of BiH’s first president Alija Ali Izetbegovic. Bakir’s wife, Dr. Sebija Izetbegovic is director of the University Clinical Center of Sarajevo. The couple has only one daughter Jasmina.


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