Lobby: Blaming ‘the Media’ is antisemitism!

Since Donald Trump blamed ‘the Media’ for ‘phony polls’ or ‘sexual misconduct’, or ‘pushing Israel under the truck’ – the Jewish Lobby (NYT, Forward, WP, ADL, CNN, Fox News, National Post, etc.) has declared that blaming ‘the Media’ is old-fashioned ‘hidden hatred’ towards Jews as anti-Israel and anti-Jews wrongly believe that somehow ‘the Media’ is controlled by the Jews.

One of the most moronic argument came from Israeli Hasbara idiot Jay Michaelson, editor of The Jewish Daily Forward (October 24, 2016), entitled, Blaming ‘the Media’ Boost Antisemitism. In other word, he himself believes that criticizing ‘the Media’ is just like criticizing Jews or Israel.

For right-wing pro-Israel folks, The New York Times is practically an agent of Hamas; for lefties, it spouts Zionist propaganda. CNN either shows too many bombs dropping on Gaza, or not enough of the daily grind of occupation. Thank heavens for more objective sources, like Electronic Intifada, World Net Daily and email alerts from ideologues,” claims Michaelson.

Personally, this ‘partition of world’ into the so-called ‘Righties’, and ‘Lefties’ never made any sense to me, because both groups are controlled either by ‘Zionists’ or ‘anti-Zionist Zionists’. The NYT acknowledged last year that its news on Israel and the Middle East follow Israel’s GAG Order. CNN is owned by the ‘Defender of Israel’, Australian-born multi-billionaire Rupert Murdoch. Ali Abunimah, the founder of the US-based Electronic Intifada was exposed being an Anti-Zionist Zionist when he slammed Gilad Atzmon for authoring 2011 book, The Wandering Who: A study of Jewish Identity Politics. The California-based World Net Daily, founder and CEO is an Israel-First anti-Muslim Christian Zionist Joseph Farah. Without a doubt, he is a top-rated useful idiot, masquerading as a conservative Christian, but in fact promoting the political Zionist agenda of extermination of the Palestinians (here).

On April 21, 2016, Canadian Zionist Jew journalist and author, Jonathan Kay, proclaimed at the Israeli propaganda mouthpiece, National Post: “Don’t blame the media for Islamophobia.” Because, the ‘media’ also says: Four million Canadians hate Jews.

I wonder if Kay would also say, don’t blame protesters in Malmö, Sweden, for saying:Israel and Jews are the problem.”

Let us not mention the outspoken Hollywood director Oliver Stone with Jewish family roots, said in July 2010: Jewish control of the media is preventing an open discussion of the Holocaust, prominent Hollywood director Oliver Stone told the Sunday Times, adding that the U.S. Jewish lobby was controlling Washington’s foreign policy for years.

Even the former boss of Israeli propaganda mafia, Abraham Foxman had admitted that Jews control media and Hollywood.

Though Zionists love to blame Muslims for the rise or even existence of Jew-hatred in Christian majority Western country the fact is as American Jewish academic Richard Falk claims that anti-Semitism was almost non-existent within Islamic societies until the creation of Israel on Muslim land in 1948.

British sociologist Frank Furedi wrote on March 21, 2016: “European Muslim antisemitism does not exist by itself. It draws on themes widely propagated by European right-wing antisemites since the late 19th century. Even old ideas about Jews not being trustworthy have made a comeback. In some cases, this outlook is expressed through a narrative of suspicion about them or those people. Such euphemisms signal a degree of moral distancing from a people deemed to be cliquey, strange and unusually powerful. Inevitably, such attitudes provide a hospitable environment for the flourishing of conspiracy theories about a Jewish-dominated media or financial sector. The premise of these theories is that Jews who work in the media or finance are not individuals who happen to be Jewish, but an organised Jewish network working in a coordinated fashion. On a global level, this belief in powerful Jewish influences manifests itself in an increasingly popular fantasy about an all-powerful Jewish lobby orchestrating the foreign policy of the US and other Western powers.”


One response to “Lobby: Blaming ‘the Media’ is antisemitism!

  1. No wonder millions & ever more millions of people like me, who once trusted Israel, now realize our trust has been betrayed the whole while by a bunch of lying thieving genocidal war criminals.

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