UC Berkeley: Zionism = Colonialism

zionistdictionary1Early last month, the University of California, Berkeley, announced it will offer a course on Zionist Jewish colonization of Palestine this fall. However, on September 13, the university chancellor Nicholas B. Dirks suspended the course under pressure from Israeli ambassador, ADL, Simon Wiesenthal Center, and of course Israel’s Campus watchdog, Hillel. The course is offered by Dr. Hatem Bazian.

On September 19, Dean Carla Hesse, after a meeting with student facilitator Paul Hadweh and group of students enrolled for the course, cancelled the ‘suspension’ order. A rare victory of Freedom of Speech at the Campus.

“Apartheid, annexation, mass displacement and collective punishment have become core policies of the state of Israel,” said American Jewish professor and former UNHRC’s special envoy for Palestine in an interview he gave on October 17 to David Hearst’s Middle East Eye news website.

On October 9, Jonathan Greenblatt, CEO of Jewish supremacist ADL accused UC Berkeley of distorting history under the disguise of academic discipline. Funny though the tribe that distorted the Bible, is accusing others of distorting Jewish history.

On April 2, 2016, Rabbi Brant Rosen at his blog Shalom Rav admitted that Israel like United States and Australia, is indeed a settler colonialism – based on Professor of Anthropology Tate A. LeFevre’s (Franklin and Marshall College) definition.

Indian-born professor Partha Chatterjee (Columbia University) also believes Israel is a Zionist Jewish settlers colony’.

I have always boycotted Israeli institutions. Despite having dozens of friends in Israeli universities, I have never agreed to visit Israel. There was a particularly poignant moment a few years ago when I was invited to be present on the occasion of the release of the Hebrew translation of one of my books. It was hard for me to refuse the heartfelt invitation of my Israeli friends who, I knew, deeply disliked and actively opposed most of the policies of their government. But the thought of applying for a visa at an Israeli embassy, passing through Israeli immigration and, who knows, answering questions at check points and barriers put me off. An unfortunate fallout of this reluctance on my part is that I have been also unable to accept invitations from Palestinian institutions. But how else does an individual like me show, in a private capacity, my refusal to submit to the blatantly colonial protocols of the Israeli authorities in order to accept the hospitality of my Palestinian friends? (here),” Chatterjee said.

Ever since the inception of World Zionist movement under the leadership of Austrian Jew, Theodor Herzl, it presented its settlers colonial project as a mean to escape Christian Europe hatred towards Jews.


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