Angela Markel: ‘How to spot a hypocrite?’

picture5-21On Monday, German Chancellor Angela Markel slammed Western countries that sells arms to the Saudi ‘Jew royals’ who are using those arms on civilians in Yemen, and Syria.

I don’t know anyone in the world who supports and defends Saudi Arabia without taking bribe,” she thundered.

Everyone who supports Saudi Arabia receives his money in advance. Everyone who sells arms to Saudi Arabia has received ‘double-fold’. I was surprised that Saudi Arabia’s money couldn’t prevent the passage of US Congress bill but Republican and democrat parties have hoped to offset their costs of Saudi Arabia princes in the US presidential campaign,” Markel added.

I hate to remind Markel that German, American, French, British and Israeli leaders have all received bribe from the Saudi (royals) in the past. During 2013-2014 Israel received $16 billions from Saudi Arabia even though both countries have no diplomatic relations.

Germany is world’s forth-bigger arms exporter after the US, Russia and China. In the past, Germany had sold military vehicles, ships, and other larger military equipment to Saudi Arabia, Algeria, Russia, China and Israel – all of which are involved in conflicts or have widely reported human rights abuses. In March 2016, Germany approved sale of military helicopters and other equipment to Saudi Arabia.

German vice-Chancellor Sigmar Gabriel, another Zionist snob told German newspaper Bild am Sonntag that it should be made clear to the kingdom that the time for looking the other way has passed.

Wahhabi mosques are being funded by Saudi Arabia all over the world. Many dangerous Islamists come from these communities in Germany,” Gabriel spitted toward sky.

Does the moron knows that all these “dangerous Islamists” are participating in Western proxy wars for Israel in Syria, Yemen, Libya, Iraq, and Lebanon?

Now compare Markel’s hypocrisy when it comes to her support for the terrorist state of Israel. Markel was born in a Communist East Berlin Christian family and lived in East Germany for 35 year. Russian occupied East German Jewish-controlled communist government refused to pay a single dollar in Holocaust compensation. It’s West German taxpayers who ended up paying over $93 billions – most of which was spent on Israel Occupation Force (IOF) to kill Palestinian kids.

Angela Merkel is hailed by Jewish Forbes magazine as the world’s most powerful woman, and yet, she submissively lets leadership of criminal and racist Israel perpetually pull on the Holocaust ring through Germany’s nose and suck  billions of reparation euros from the German economy while Israel simultaneously shifts its own reparation dues to the Palestinians onto Germany and compliant international donors (here).

Last year, Markel warned Russia that military intervention cannot be solution to Syria or Ukraine for that matter. In spite of that, Germany continuously supports US-NATO led war in Syria and the rest of the Middle East.


2 responses to “Angela Markel: ‘How to spot a hypocrite?’

  1. So, what should be the future for Syrian Sunnis, who want nothing to do with Salafist or Wahhabist ideologues? ^..^

    • Syrian should follow Gandhi’s advise to the leaders of the World Zionist movement: “Stay in Germany and make the desired changes peacefully.”

      Jews though controlled German economy then, were in minority in Germany and the rest of Europe – Sunni Muslims are in majority (70%) in Syria. If they get united against the US-Israel supported Salafist or Wahhabist mercenaries and the ruling socialist/communist Ba’athist minority – they could bring another pro-West regime change.

      But in case, majority wants a change to turn to make Syria a real independent and sovereign state – it needs their own Sunni Imam Khomeini.

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