Mexico fires Jewish ambassador over Jerusalem

Sick of Donald Trump anti-Mexican rants, Mexican government has fired it Jewish ambassador to UNESCO professor Andre Roemer over his boycott, and whining for his country’s vote in favor of the resolution calling that the historic Jerusalem city has nothing to do with Jewish religion.

Roemer had walked out of last week’s vote in Paris, leaving his deputy to cast the country’s vote.

Following the vote, the Zionist entity suspended cooperation with the UN cultural organization. In a letter sent to UNESCO Director General Irina Bokova, Israel’s education minister Naftali Bennett accused the body of ignoring thousands of years of Jewish ties to Jerusalem – a big fat Zionist lie.

On Tuesday, the executive board of UNESCO ratified the earlier resolution in Paris – finally nailing down Netanyahu’s lies, “Jews have been building Jerusalem for the last 3,000 years.”

The resolution called the so-called Temple Mount by its Islamic name Al-Haram Al-Sharif. It also recognized the Western Wall Plaza by its historic name Buraq. The Tomb of the Patriarchs in Hebron is recognized as the Al-Ibrahimi Mosque and the Bethlehem Rachel’s Tomb as the Bilal ibn Rabaḥ Mosque.

Under Washington’s pressure, Mexican representative abstained voting in favor of the resolution on Tuesday.

No matter how much the Zionist leaders whine – the international community recognizes that all these historic sites and the entire East Jerusalem are illegally occupied by the Zionist regime since June 1967. According to UN and the infamous Oslo Accord, the Islamic connection and ownership of these sites cannot be altered unilaterally by the occupying authorities. The Zionist regime is familiar with this truth as expressed in the UNESCO resolution.

On October 18, Raphael Ahren at The Times of Israel accused the Christian nations for betraying Israel at the UNESCO.

Why was it that the powers that be in these countries did not mind backing or not opposing a resolution that ignores Christianity’s ties to the Holy City?,” wrote the cunning Jew.

May be Ahren thinks most Christians are as stupid as him and don’t know what Israeli Jews think of Jesus (watch below).


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