How Israel controls US elections via USAID


The American taxpayers give over $6 billion to Tel Aviv through military and education aid, and soft loans in additions to tens of millions of dollars of tax-deductible donations by American Jewish corporations and oligarchs.

The Zionist regime spent a few hundred million dollars out of the free-fall to buy America’s corrupt politicians and rig country’s presidential, Congress and Senate elections.

However, all this spoon-feeding didn’t stop the Zionist entity stabbing American business interests in foreign countries. Israel has often used its privileged access to US military technology against both the US government and US corporate interests. According to the Associated Press in 2002, in France, Turkey, The Netherlands and Finland, Israeli companies have edged such US firms as Raytheon, Northrop Grumman and General Atomics out of arms deals worth hundreds of millions of dollars in recent years. The irony, experts say, is that tens of billions of US tax dollars and transfers of American military technology helped create and nurture Israel’s industry, in effect subsidizing a foreign competitor.

If that was not enough, Barack Obama did his final act of subservience to a foreign state by signing bill to give another $38 billion military aid to the Zionist entity to murder more Palestinians, Syrians, and Lebanese Muslim and Christian civilians.

Multi-million dollar multi-generational policy of AIPAC couple with implied blackmail, every US Senator and Representative will at the very least look the other way when Israel continues to violate international laws, occupy and steal Palestinian territory, illegally blockade Palestinians, and bomb innocent civilians. The alternative is the end to a political career,” said Tany Cariina Hsu (here).

The 2016 presidential election is all about who would serve Israeli and Jewish interests, nationally and internationally – millionaire Hillary Clinton or billionaire Donald Trump.

Donald Trump said: And we’re going to take great care of Israel. We’re going to cherish and protect Israel. The Republican party platform was amended to drop the decades old language calling for the so-called two-state solution to the Israel’s occupation of the historic Muslim-majority Palestine.

Hillary Clinton smashed the efforts by people in the Democratic party to insert the BDS interpretation of the Jewish occupation (the West Bank and East Jerusalem only). Clinton has a decades old history of putting the Zionist state of Israel’s interests above America’s interests.

Both the US and Israel are not democracies. While US press is fully-controlled by pro-Israel Jew oligarchs, Israel’s Hebrew press is mostly free and the country has more loyal politicians despite the fact that 80% Israeli Jews are racists and in favor of expelling native Palestinians and Blacks.


One response to “How Israel controls US elections via USAID

  1. should take the money they give the parasite Israel to prop up their artificial economy , subsidies without which their economy would collapse, and buy our own politicians. Cut out the middleman. Win win. No more “israel” and no more zionist occupied Govt.

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