Wonder Woman becomes UN Ambassador

wonder-woman-un-ambassador1On Thursday, NY-based United Nations announced that from now-on the American comic heroine, half-naked Wonder Woman will be honorary UN ambassador of the international body to represent the so-called gender equality and gender empowerment.

The decision is result of campaign funded by Jewish Warner Bros and DC Entertainment. DC Entertainment president Diane Nelson (Jewish) will accept the role for her company’s comic book, TV and film character at a ceremony on 21 October at UN headquarters in New York.

The Wonder Woman character was created by William Moulton Marston (d.1947), also known by pen name Charles Moulton. He was an American Jewish inventor and businessman. Like Jewish-invented American Feminism, the comic character had nothing to do with women empowerment. It was all about money and destruction of moral values and break-up of family lives.

Jewish professor Jill Lepore (Harvard University) in book, The Secret History of Wonder Woman, claims that Charles Moulton while married also kept a Jewish mistress, and produced children from both. Well that didn’t surprised me knowing that the current French Jewish president Francois Hollande has produced four children from his ex-mistress (aka live-in-partner) Ségolène Royal (here).

Charles Moulton, who introduced the Wonder Woman character in 1941 – claimed that he created it to be the psychological propaganda for the new type of woman who should rule the world.

Moulton believed women were superior to men, a common gender prejudice that ascribes women as naturally more peaceful than their male counterparts.

Earlier this year, South Korean-American comic book artist Frank Cho was hired to draw 24 variant covers for the new Wonder Woman series. But he’s quit after only drawing six. According to Cho, he was the victim of a weird political agenda and censorship (here).

Moulton must be pleased with the impact of Wonder Woman had on westerners who love bikini over burka to satisfy their sexual lust. But, as for women are concerned, they’re stilled considered inferior to men especially among Jewish, and Hindu cultures.

United States and France have still to elect a woman to lead the country while Muslim countries such as Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Turkey have elected women prime ministers to lead their countries.

Western nations which boast of having the higher rates of educated women than the non-White nations – also top the world in women sexual abuse via rape and prostitution. United States ranks amongst world’s top sexual abusing nations. It’s reported that in United States a woman is raped every 90 seconds – despite the fact that sexual relations between boyfriend/girlfriend and same-sex lovers is considered part of western civilized culture.

According to UNESCO recent report tens of millions amongst 1.1 billion world girls have no access to education, and nearly two-thirds of the world’s illiterate people are female.


3 responses to “Wonder Woman becomes UN Ambassador

  1. “a common gender prejudice that ascribes women as naturally more peaceful than their male counterparts”

    And who can dispute that when faced with such beautiful examples as Golda Meir, Margaret Thatcher, Madeleine Albright, or Hillary Clinton?

  2. Exceptions like the above only temper the rules being discussed… because humans aren’t exclusively categorizable. However, if the French President (or Charles Moulton) had been wise enough to embrace Islam, their “alliances outside marriage” would have been moot… because they could simply have had more than one “wife”. ^..^

    • You, like other Judeo-Christians love to point fingers towards Islam to cover your own religious immorality. Is having allegedly four wives are worse than having Biblical prophet Solomon having 400 wives and 300 concubines? Or like Jesus and St. Paul being gays (sic) according to Jewish literature?

      Yes, Islam does allow four wives under certain conditions and their fully equal rights within the family and society – after free consent of the other wives.

      Polygamy in modern days – is more common among Hindus and Christians than Muslims.

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