Thailand: King is dead but plight of Muslims will continue …..

muslimthai1On Thursday, world’s longest ruling monarch King Bhomibol Adulyadej of Thailand died at the age of 88.

Crown Prince Maha Vajiralongkorn is expected to be the Constitutional King of 67 million Buddhist-majority nation. However, he is not considered as popular as his father was amongst the Buddhist ruling class.

Thailand’s prime minister and military dictator Gen. Pryuth Chan-ocha has declared one year mourning period.

The persecution of Muslim minority in Buddhist Thailand is no better than in Buddhist Myanmar. Both countries have cultivated close relations with the Zionist entity in military and intelligence fields based on their hatred towards Muslims. Israeli Mossad is quite active via Israeli tourists.

Thai princess, Professor Chulabhorn Mahidol works as Israel’s lobbyist. She has visited the Zionist entity six times and met Shimon Peres, Benjamin Netanyahu, and Mayor of Haifa.

In 2007, Thai army bought 15,000 rifles and 992 sub-machine guns from Israel worth $44 million.

Many Thais work as farm laborers, house servants and sex workers at Tel Aviv’s 280 Jewish brothels. Last year, Israel’s ambassador to Thailand, Simon Roded tried to whitewash Israeli crimes reported by US-based Jewish-controlled Human Rights Watch (HRW) against Thai workers employed in Israel, saying it wasn’t serious (watch video below).

Read Turkish scholar Harun Yahya on persection of Muslim minorities in Thailand, Philippines, Cambodia, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, Tanzania, etc. here.


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