Remembering Afghan Holocaust after 15 years

afghanistan-flag-1282October 7, 2016, marked 15 years of the US and its willing butchers’ invasion of 100% Muslim majority nation of Afghanistan. Dubya Bush accused Al-Qaeda leader Osama Bin Laden of masterminding the September 11, 2001 attacks even though none of the so-called 19 hijackers was claimed to be from Afghanistan. Incidentally, six of the 19 dudes were found alive in Saudi Arabia, Morocco and UAE.

The war in Afghanistan has now become America’s longest war surpassing even Vietnam War (1954-75). It has also cost taxpayer more in money and military casualties.

Six years ago, Pakistan’s top spy Lt. Gen. Hamid Gul predicted that America’s military adventure in Afghanistan for heroin and Caspian oil theft is DOOMED – has come true.

In 2002, George Bush told the American dupe nation that US and its allies attacked Afghanistan to punish those who attacked US, and also to liberate Afghan women from Islamist Taliban. That’s as much a big lie as the Zionist claim that Bible promised Holy Land to the Jews. In reality, the conditions of Afghan women under US-NATO regime are worse than they’re under Taliban.

US-NATO occupation has gained only the vast cultivation of poppy. Before Taliban control, Afghanistan used to produce 90% of world heroin. Taliban banned the cultivation in 2000 which reduced heroin supply to 17%. The Russian Jew drug-mafia didn’t like that. So Taliban had to be removed from power. Currently, Afghanistan is back to meet world’s 90% heroin demand.

American invasion of Afghanistan is about to meet the fate of earlier invaders such as Alexander the Great, Genghis Khan, Persian Tamerlane, Sikhs, British colonists who invaded the country three times, and Russian colonists. They’re all defeated by the fierce Pathan fighters.

Since destroying the remaining infrastructure after Red Army withdrawal, Washington has spent over $110 billion to “rebuild” the country. Obama’s special inspector-general for Afghan relief has admitted in his latest report that most of this money has been wasted on bribes to Afghan warlords, payoff to US contractors and Afghan politicians.

What’s more, without 24/7 US air cover, Washington’s yes-men in Kabul would be quickly swept away. The Afghan Army and police have no loyalty to the regime; they fight only for the Yankee dollar. Like Baghdad, Kabul is a US-guarded island in a sea of animosity,” says Canadian journalist and author Eric Margolis.

When US invaded Afghanistan in 2001, it had a population of over 21 million. Over 60,000, mostly civilians, have been killed – and over 8 million made refugees; Iran (4 million), Pakistan (2.5 million), and 1.5 million internally. A great numbers of refugees from Iran and Pakistan have returned to their motherland.


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