France: ISIS caught with pants down

JSIL[1]Since Charlie Hebdo France has become Holy Wailing Wall for the anti-Muslim terrorist groups.

The latest episode reported by French website Union Populaire Republicaine (UPR) claimed that French military was caught planning a false flag terrorist operation disguised as ISIS to demonize Muslims and Islam.

On September 28, 2016, Baxter Dmitry reported that ISIS flag, video equipment, Arabic newspapers, and a generator were discovered by gardeners in a cave outside the town of Saumur (Western France) – causing panic among local citizens who called the local and national police, as well as anti-terrorist units.

With scores of police and emergency personnel on the scene, a senior military figure intervened, announcing that the contents of the cave belonged to the military and were part of a mysterious, as yet unexplained exercise.

The scandal has added weight to the argument that most terrorist attacks are actually false flags perpetrated by security forces against their own people, as a means of controlling and manipulating the public,” Baxter Dmitry wrote.

In July 2016, French newspaper Le Figaro reported that France’s anti-terrorist executive (sous-direction anti-terroriste- SDAT) had ordered Nice’s urban surveillance authorities to destroy all CCTV footage of the Nice Attacks on Bastille Day that killed 84 people and injured another 100.

Saumur has a rich history. It’s here Charles Martel stopped the advance of Muslim Moorish army in 732. It’s also home to the 12th century Romanesque Church of Notre-Dame de Nantilly. A small but old Jewish community lives in the town.

France has Europe’s largest Muslim population (7-9 million), but country’s government, banking institutions, media, military and internal security agencies are all controlled by country’s 500,000-strong Jewish community – majority of which is more loyal to Israel than France.

All three major French political parties are controlled by the country’s powerful Jewish Lobby (CRIF). Marine Le Pen, leader of White racist French National is famous for her anti-Muslim outbursts in public. She is Crypto-Zionist with a Jewish Boyfriend.

France’s current president Francois Hollande and his predecessor Nicolas Sarkozy are Jewish and committed Whores of Zionism. However, all surveys carried out by the Organized Jewry have claimed that the so-called antisemitism in France is highest in Europe because of large Muslim population.

Israel is the only state founded and maintained on Jewish terrorism in modern history. Israel’s assassin agency Mossad is known for pulling false flag operations around the world.


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