Israel: Young Arabs ‘idolize’ Hitler

Something_Wrong_With_This_Pic_by_Be[1]Remember how the Israeli lying machine, The Middle East Media Research Institute (Memri) mistranslated Iran’s president Dr. Ahmadinejad’s statement from Persian to English in 2005: Wipe Israel off the Map.

The Zionist pig is crying foul again. On September 22, 2016, Memri claimed that according to Dr. Entesar al-Banna, a journalist with Bahrain’s pro-government newspaper Al-Watan, “young Arabs idolize Adolf Hitler.”

Memri has quoted al-Banna saying that many young Arabs admire Hitler for killing Jews, race supremacy, and his German nationalism.

There are nearly 350 million Arabs around the world, but Adolf Hitler happens to be the most admired foreign leader in India, a 1.2 billion people pro-Israel nation. Adolf Hitler is also admired by many French intellectuals, and Germans to this day.

In 2003, American military historian, professor Bryan Mark Riggs claimed that as many as 150,000 German Jews served in Nazi Army. One of Hitler’s top officials, SS Adolf Eichmann was an agent of World Zionist movement.

Racism is found in every nationality and culture – but no other people can beat Israelis and millions of other Jews in racism.

Historically, Hitler and Nazis killed more Gypsies and Christians during WWII. In fact, Jewish-controlled Soviet Union killed more than 60 million Christians, Muslims, and Gypsies in Europe alone.

Adolf Hitler, known as the Founder of Israel, needs to be vilified by the Organized Jewry to keep the Europeans’ guilt of Holocaust alive. Polish-American animal rights activist Alex Hershaft (Jewish) has even claimed that Hitler treated Jews like Farm Animals.

Late American academic and author Philip Khuri Hitti (Princeton University) in his book, History of the Arabs recorded how Arabs introduced scientific knowledge and tolerance to Europeans.


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