Colombian Peres receives Nobel Peace Prize

colombia1On Friday, Israel and the Jewish-controlled media hailed Norwegian Nobel Committee over awarding 2016 Peace Award to Colombian president Juan Manuel Santos over negotiating a peace accord with country’s main opposition group, Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC). Incidentally, the negotiated peace accord was narrowly rejected in a referendum.

Like Barack Obama’s 2009 Nobel Peace Prize, Santos, too, received the coveted prize to continue waging wars for Israel and drugs.

Santos has been called Shimon Peres of Colombia based on their ‘peacemaker’ smoke-screen portrayal while they’re committing genocide of the aboriginal people.

Santos has visited Israel several times as defense minister and president. In 2013, in an interview he gave to Israel’s newspaper Ha’aretz, he boasted his love for the Zionist regime by saying: Colombia is Israel of Latin America. Mourning Peres’ death, Santos tweeted: “I had the privilege of knowing him and of finding in him a friend of peace.”

Like Shimon Peres and Gen. Yitzhak Robin, Santos is also a war criminal. Santos as country’s defense minister was behind the assassination of FARC leader Raúl Reyes.

It’s hard to miss the Israeli fingerprints in the military operations in Colombia – suddenly there are targeted assassinations, eliminating the number two guy in FARC, within Ecuador. The methods of operations that were proven successful in the casbahs of Nablus and Hebron now speak Spanish,” claimed Ilana Dayan-Orbach, an Israeli investigative journalist.

Santos told pro-Israel German newspaper Der Spiegel interviewer in 2014 that he took advice from Israel-Palestine peace negotiators like Dennis Ross (Zionist Jew), the co-founder of WINEP, a research arm of AIPAC.

Israel sees Colombia as the most trusted ally in Latin America. But, as far as the Zionist regime is concerned – it has some ‘redlines’. For example, in November 2014, Netanyahu refused Colombian foreign minister Maria Angela Holguin to meet Mahmoud Abbas in Ramallah (West Bank).

Israel’s relations with Colombia an Panama go beyond arms sales, drug-traficking and money-laundering. CIA-Mossad have been training Colombian death squads.

Because the Israeli connection with Colombia and Panama, and the drug industry based in those countries, has such dire effects on the United States, it is not only the Middle East, but American society itself that is jeopardized by activities of the “pro-Israeli lobby” in the United States,” wrote Dr. Israel Shahak in 1980.

According to Jewish sources, Colombia is home to 17,000 Jews but most of rich among them are leaving to Israel or United States. There are 13,000 Muslims amongst country’s total population of 47 million.


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