Russia tilt towards Pakistan scares India

e06864c8[1]Pakistan and Russia, two Cold War era rivals held their first-ever joint military drill during September 27-October 10, 2016. This new development has scared Pakistan’s regional rival India.

Modi’s government is furious that its hysteria over Kashmiri separatists’ attack on India’s occupied Kashmir base which resulted in the death of 17 Hindu soldiers and wounding another 23 soldiers, didn’t convince Russia to cancel the drill. Last month, India did succeed, however, in getting SAARC summit in Islamabad in November 2016 cancelled by convincing Bangladesh, Afghanistan and Bhutan to boycott it.

On September 29, 2016, Jewish online news website The Diplomat, boasted that SAARC cancellation will sting Pakistan, but wouldn’t stop Pakistan making new terrorist attacks against India.

Professor Sergey Lunev at the Oriental Studies Department of the Moscow State Institute of International Relations tried to calm down New Delhi fears in an interview with Pravda newspaper.

The military drill is not an index of friendly relations, but these are the first drills ever held with Pakistan. Before that Russia abstained from military or political contacts with Pakistan, mainly because of very friendly relations with India in military, political, and uncompromising support for India against Pakistan,” he said.

Last month, Moscow agreed to sell six battalions of country’s upgraded missile defense system S-400 to Indian Air Force to defend itself from aerial attacks from Pakistan or China. Under the multi-billion dollars deal, India is expected to receive first shipment of S-400 by end of 2017. India already has American AWACs. China received its first S-400 system last year.

Pakistan is currently negotiating to buy a new long-range surface-to-air missile (SAM) system from China.

Soviet Russia had been India’s main source of military imports since the 1950s. But lately, United States began selling arms and providing nuclear technology to India to make it America’s regional proxy against their common enemy China.

Pakistan was the first Muslim country to recognize Communist China and refused to have diplomatic ties with America’s Chinese colony Taiwan. In spite of that, Pakistani Muslim community does exist in Taiwan.

India is rated as world’s top buyer of arms. In 2014, Eric Margolis, Canadian war reporter and author who lived among Afghan Mujahideen during Russian occupation of Afghanistan, posted an article, entitled, Mighty India, an insecure giant with feet of clay (here). Margolis made that observation in reference to China’s increasing influence in South and North Asia.


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