A ‘Friend of Israel’ to head United Nations

On Thursday, Washington succeeded in installing another of its poodles to head the United Nations. Antonio Guterres, 67, former Zionist Christian prime minister of Portugal was voted by the 15-member UNSC as new secretary-general of United Nations to replace the South Korean Ban Ki-moon, an American poodle.

Antonio Manuel de Oliveira Guterres’ selection beat all seven female contenders. As a tradition, Guterres should have a ‘smooth sailing’ at the 193-member UN General Assembly next week.

Israel’s Argentina-born ambassador at the UN, Danny Danon, was the first to congratulate Guterres, saying: “The State of Israel hopes, and expects, that the UN under his leadership will act in the spirit of its founding principles as a fair body able to differentiate between good and evil and will end its obsession with Israel. I hope that this change in leadership will bring an end to the organization’s hostility towards Israel.”

Washington’s UN ambassador, half-Jewish Samantha Power praised Guterres as the most qualified person for the job.

Russian ambassador Vitaly Churkin, initially objected to the selection, but didn’t use his veto power to block it.

On October 6, 2016, Gil Hoffman boasted at pro-Netanyahu newspaper, The Jerusalem Post that Guterres has and will always be a friend of Israel due to his long friendship with war-criminals like former president Shimon Peres, and former prime minister Gen. Ehud Barak. Both war criminals had worked with Antonio Guterres when he headed the Socialist International for six years.

Guterres has visited the Zionist entity on several occasions – beginning in 1999 when he was prime minister of Portugal. He had never criticized Israeli wars on Gaza or other neighboring countries.

He loves Israel. But he is very objective man, which means he sees the whole picture,” says MK Colette Avital, a former Israeli ambassador in Lisbon.

Portugal was under Muslim rule from 8th century to 13th century. Adalberto Alves, country’s top expert on Muslim Portugal, in his book, ‘Portugal: Echoes of an Arab Past’ describe Muslim influence over his country; from poetry to pastries; carpet weaving and guitar music; from the minaret-shaped chimneys that still adorn southern homes to the navigational sciences that allowed Portuguese ships to expand the boundaries of the known world and the irrigation systems used to cultivate the Algarve’s olive, fig and almond plantations.

Muslim history in Portugal, like in Spain, Sicily, Greece, occupied Palestine, Crimea, Serbia, India, etc. has been distorted by Judeo-Christian and Hindu racist historians and religious leaders – so much so, that the Muslims who introduced scientific knowledge, religious tolerance and human rights to their subjects in those countries – are now considered enemies. Had Muslim rulers applied sword to spread Islam as Jewish scholars like Daniel Pipes and Bernard Lewis, Martin Kramer, etc. want you to believe – then Muslims should not have been living in minority or seized to exist in countries which they ruled for centuries.


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