Canada: Speech freedom doesn’t include Israel’s criticism

zionist+free+speech+police[1]On October 1, 2016, Dr. Michael J. Mahon, president University Lethbridge (Canada) asked professor Anthony Hall to submit his resignation. Mahon’s decision was result of a vicious campaign run by country’s powerful Jew-Supremacist B’nai B’rith – claiming Tony Hall believes in so-called ‘conspiracy theories’ such as Israel committed 9/11.

Dr. Robin Mathews, academic, poet and anti-imperialism activist, in an  open letter to Canada’s prime minister Justin Trudeau and Mahon protested against the dismissal of Anthony Hall over Zionist cooked-up lies.

American academic, editor, author, and speaker, Kevin Barrett claims that Tony Hall was set-up by Jewish activists who planted an inflammatory image on Tony’s Facebook page. He also penned a letter to Mike Mahon.

On September 28, 2016, Robert Sean Lewis aka RAFIQ, writer and author, posted an article, entitled, Canadian professor libelously targeted as antisemite in coordinated attack. He accused Bernie Farber, former executive director of Canadian Jewish Congress and founder of the Mosaic Institute of declaring Tony Hall an antisemite over faked evidence.

You can read Tony Hall’s Zionist Witch-hunt in his own words here.

Jewish lobby groups are known for being allergic to free speech at Canadian Universities.

Canadian Jewish writer, author and blogger Yves Engler explains how dangerous is to support Palestinian in Canada.

In 2014, American writer and author Chris Hedges was banned to deliver a speech at University of Pennsylvania over his article in which he compared Israel with ISIS.

Pro-Israel Stephen Harper government’s Hate Law (C-13) was to ban criticism of Israel. Last year, Trudeau government passed Harper’s anti-Muslim Bill S-7, written in the language of violence against Muslims especially women wearing Hijab. In September 2015, a pregnant Muslim woman was attacked in Montreal.  A Muslim convert was attacked while wearing the niqab in Toronto. In Ottawa three women wearing head scarves were verbally attacked by strangers, including one in a polling station. The attackers demanded that their victims talk in English, while saying, “go back to your country, and take that fucking thing off your head“. One woman was branded a “fucking terrorist“.

While fueling hatred towards one million Canadian Muslims, B’nai B’rith shamelessly claimed in 2014: Four million Canadians hate Jews.


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