US author: World learns terrorism from Israel

Israeli_Violations[1]American author and staff-writer at the Jew Yorker magazine, Lawrence Wright, in August 2016 interview, entitled, God, Sex, and Politics, said that Palestinian resistance groups and Nelson Mandela learned terrorism from Menachem Begin, former Israeli prime minister and Nobel Peace prize winner in 1978.

Menachem Begin was the progenitor of a lot of terrorism. What has made him so important was that he was so successful. He was so significant after Deir Yassein and driving the Palestinians out of the West Bank, other terrorists, future terrorists, began to look at his work as a model. The Palestinians, of course, were directly affected by Begin’s terrorism. The imprint of Begin on the Palestine Liberation Organization and on other Palestinian terror organizations later was very profound. He certainly affected Nelson Mandela’s ANC movement, and Mandela said that he studied Begin. Begin’s memoirs were found in bin Laden’s library in Kandahar. So, I think his influence is persistent. If you want to find all the successful models in the world, there aren’t very many but one of them is Menachem Begin, and Irgun, and the State of Israel,” Wright said.

Israel has just buried Begin fellow serial war criminal Shimon Peres.

In August 2014, Hindu writer Pranay Sharma wrote that Israel’s terrorism  against Palestinians have made the country a model for India to control the armed resistance in the disputed Jammu and Kashmir Valley.

Answering that Arab usually blame Israel for being the “regional problem” – Wright claims that Israel is not the reason there is no democracy in the region.

If Wright had read Israeli or American Jewish scholars such as Gideon Levi or Marianne Williamson, who claim that Israel itself is not a democracy. American Jewish philosopher Chomsky has even claimed that United States is against democracy in the Muslim world because it usually brings anti-Israel Islamist in power.

As a Zionist anti-Islam bigot, Wright claims that Islam is an imperialistic religion (watch below).

Islam was an imperial force. Islam conquered, through war, half of Europe and stretched all the way to the borders of China. The concept that the West is the only imperial power is historically inaccurate. A lot of Islamists believe that Islam should be the supreme power in the world, and they resent the fact that the West stands in their way, blocking them. Of course, the United States is the main problem, as far as they’re concerned. Their dream is to cause the disintegration of the United States into disparate states, thus allowing Islam to regain its place as the divinely inspired ruling power in the world,” claims Wright.

Interestingly, Israel’s veteran journalist and former member Jewish terrorist militia Irgun, Uri Avnery, wrote in 2003: “If Israel sponsors a bill in US Congress claiming that the Ten Commandment was a forgery – 70 Senators and 300 Congressmen would be ready to vote in favor of motion.”

Wright also shows his stupidity by mixing Saudi Arabia’s Wahhabism with Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood, a Sunni-Hanafi dawah and charitable organization. However, he claims that Saudi Arabia and Egypt have now become Israel’s allies against Shi’ite threat from Iran. He also, rightfully, claimed that Turkey has returned to Israeli bed.


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