Kosher Pope Francis snubbed in Georgia

On October 1, 2016, the kosher Pope Francis had to lead a Mass in a deserted Tbilisi stadium. The pope was snubbed by the leadership of the Georgian Orthodox Church which is followed by majority of the country’s 4 million population.

Barely 3,000 people attended the Mass held in the former Soviet republic’s 27,000-capacity sports arena in a snub that highlights ongoing divisions between the Catholic and Georgian Orthodox churches.

Georgia with 2.5% Catholic population – Francis was greeted by several hundred protesters in the city to criticize the Papal visit. Some carried signs saying: The Vatican is a spiritual aggressor, and Death to Papacy.

In 1999, Polish-born Pope John Paul II, also received a similar frosty reception.

As long as there are dogmatic differences between our churches, Orthodox believers will not participate in their prayers,” the Orthodox patriarchate said on its website, referring to the Catholics.

A Georgian priest was quoted as saying that the low attendance at the event was as a protest against Catholic attempts to convert Orthodox Christians.

Pope Francis, during the ceremony, called for peaceful coexistence in the volatile region.

Francis arrived in Georgia on Friday on a 3-day visit which includes Muslim-majority oil-rich Azerbaijan. He arrived in Azerbaijan on Sunday. Azerbaijan is ruled by a pro-Israel president Ilham Aliyev since 2003. There are 500 Catholics in a nation of 10 millions – mostly Shi’ite Muslims.

The government in Tbilisi has close military relations with the Zionist entity. Jews have lived in Georgia since the 6th century BC, having migrated here during the Babylonian exile, and many Jews settled in Persian-controlled parts of Georgia over the centuries as they found authorities more tolerant towards Jews than the Byzantine authorities.

I bet Francis’ Zionist Handlers will never allow him to visit Iran which has more Christians (5 million), and Jews (30,000) than Georgia or Azerbaijan. Christians have three reserve seats in Iran’s Majlis (parliament), and Jews have one.

The Vatican has long become the frontline of the Organized Jewry.


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