Jordanian protest against $10 billion gas deal with Israel

jordanianflag1On Friday, thousands of Jordanians marched in Amman against pro-Israel prime minister al-Mulki signing a deal to buy $10 billion worth of gas from the Zionist entity during the next 15 years.

The protesters gathered in front of Grand al-Husseini Mosque, also known as King Hussein Mosque, in downtown Amman following Friday prayers, and carried signs reading The Enemy’s Gas is Occupation and No to the Shameful Deal in Arabic.

Behind occasional anti-Israel PR tirades to please its 60% Palestinian subjects, the Jordanian ‘royals’ had always supported the Zionist entity against the Palestinian people. Why? Because the kingdom was rewarded to them by the British colonialists for their treachery against the Ottomans during WWI.

The current ruler, King Abdullah II father late King Hussein was the most popular Muslim leader among Israeli Jews. On February 9, 1999, King Abdullah’s funeral was attended by Benjamin Netanyahu, and several Israeli rabbis. Ironically, both King Abdullah II and Egyptian Crypto-Jew dictator Gen. al-Sisi, though sent condolences to Netanyahu, have skipped Shimon Peres funeral the other day. Egypt and Jordan are the only Arab countries which have embassies in Tel Aviv.

The news about the proposed $15 billion Israel-Jordan deal was reported by the Middle East Monitor on September 4, 2014.

Israel doesn’t have oil/gas under its desert. It has always depended on imports from foreign suppliers such as Iran before 1979 Islamic Revolution, Egypt, and Iraq. On September 23, 2016, the reported that Israel is buying 75% of its oil needs from the autonomous Iraqi Kurdish state and ISIS.

In July 2013, an Israeli company discovered large deposits of oil and gas in the eastern Mediterranean. In order to make the discovery kosher, the Israel company establish a partnership with American oil/gas giant, Noble Energy Inc., which has Dick Cheney on its board of directors. In May 2016, Noble’s Israeli partner Delek reached an agreement with the Zionist regime for the development of the Leviathan gas field, offshore Israel, Lebanon, Cyprus and Gaza.

Lebanon, Cyprus and Gaza have claimed rights over the deposits.

The bill is bound to be footed by the US taxpayers as Jordan received USAID $4.7 billion during the last ten years for keeping peace with the Zionist entity. In the same period Egypt received $13 billion in US military aid, and Israel $32 billion US military aid.


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