FBI: Muslims have a ‘beautiful culture’

In June 2016, FBI director James B. Comey announced an end to agency’s illegal surveillance of over 8 million American Muslims, which began after the Israeli 9/11 false flag operation.

James Comey admitted: “We’d always known Islam was one of the great world religions, but it wasn’t until we recruited a network of 15,000 informants and infiltrated mosques all over the country that we came to understand just how magnificent and fascinating it truly is. After analyzing the transcripts of thousands of phone calls and intercepting the communications of prominent Muslim-American leaders and academics, we’ve really come to admire their vibrant culture”.

The considerable amount of intel we’ve gathered and carefully pored over for the past 15 years has shown us that their faith and customs are really quite inspiring,” Comey added. “If there’s one thing we’ve taken away from all our surveillance, it’s what a glorious and enriching part of our world Islam is.”

According to sources within the bureau, the harvesting of internet data, widespread racial profiling, and the nationwide mapping of Muslim communities have allowed agents to closely observe the followers of Islam on an extremely personal level, thereby allowing them to develop a deep respect for the amazing ethnic and cultural diversity of the faith’s 1.9 billion believers, as well as the striking distinctions between the religion’s 72 various sects.

Remarking on all the information they had gathered, FBI officials emphasized that adherents of Islam speak dozens of beautiful languages – Arabic, but also Urdu, Pashto, Farsi, Bengali, Javanese, and many others – and noted that agents came to treasure this linguistic richness after installing recording devices throughout Muslim-American communities and then surreptitiously listening in on Qura’nic study groups, prayer sessions, and social events.

When it comes to Islam and Muslims, the great majority of US citizens’ perception of Islam is based on the pro-Israel politicians and media lies.

On December 9, 2015, the Jew York Times reported that Donald Trump got his anti-Islam lies from The Center for Security Policy, founded in 1988 by Crypto Jew Frank Gaffney.

FBI like DHS, and other US internal security agencies are totally Israelized. Comey is on record of telling Jewish groups that many of his top agents were trained by Israeli military officials. He also said, that he had made it mandatory for the new recruits to visit Holocaust museums.

US-Israel law enforcement collaboration helps Israeli Mossad the desired opportunities to sponsor terror on American soil which with the help of Jewish-controlled mainstream media are blames on Muslims (watch a video below).


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