Lobby: Khamenei blocks Ahmadinejad’s re-election

ahmadinejad-1-sized[1]On September 27, 2016, the Jewish Newsweek posted an article by Jack Moore announcing that Iran’s most powerful man Ayatullah Khamenei had advised former president Dr. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad not to challenge the current president Sheikh Dr. Hassan Rouhani in the 2017 presidential election.

Moore said that if Ahmadinejad decided to follow Khamenei’s advise, “moderate” Rouhani would be re-elected hands-down as no other politician is more popular than Ahmadinejad.

On August 25, 2016, Ilan Berman described Ahmadinejad at the Jewish National Interest.org: “Islamic radical and former military officer who served as Iran’s sixth president.” We know, in the West being a Jewish radical or mass murderer is far less dangerous than a practicing Muslim – but Ahmadinejad being a military officer? No moron, there is no compulsory military training for youth in Iran like in the Zionist entity. Ahmadinejad has a PhD in civil engineering and he served as dean of engineering department at Tehran University before becoming Mayor of Tehran and Iran’s president.

We know that Israel and Jewish lobby groups hate to see Ahmadinejad’s comeback. He almost wiped-off Israeli influence in South America and in many African nations during his 8-year controversial presidency. What most Iran-watchers don’t know that Ahmadinejad is also despised by the some powerful local West-loving and members of the clerical establishment. Ahmadinejad though a devout Shia Muslim, is a patriotic nationalist, and is on record challenging the religious-establishment’s grip over military, judiciary and the Majlis (parliament) including Khamenei.

On September 27, 2016, Tehran Times reported that in an open letter to Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatullah Ali Khamenei Ahmadinejad has assured the leader that he wouldn’t seek re-election in the national interest.

The Leader explained that for this round, there is no benefit to my taking part in the elections and I announce my adherence to this,” Ahmadinejad said in the letter.

Washington spent $400 millions to stop Ahmadinejad re-election in 2009. When Ahmadinejad achieved a landslide victory (63.4%), Jewish-controlled western world declared Ahmadinejad election being fraud.

No western mainstream media like its readers to know that Ayatullah Ali Khamenei before becoming the country’s 2nd Supreme Leader, served as the most popular and youngest president of the Islamic Republic of Iran (1981-89). Nelson Mandela called him, MY LEADER, while Kofi Anon wanted him to be secretary-general of United Nations (here).

Ahmadinejad, along with Fidel Castro and late Hugo Chavez had become the champion of anti-Imperialism movement.

How the Western Zionist dogs are afraid of Iran even under their so-called “moderate” Rouhani can be judged by Monday’s presidential debate between  two Poodles of Zionism, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. Iran took major part of their speeches followed by Venezuelan-born Alicia Machado, Miss Universe 1996 (watch video below). Alicia Machado is daughter of a Cuban father and Spanish mother. Billionaire Trump owned the Miss Universe Organization from 1996 to 2015.


One response to “Lobby: Khamenei blocks Ahmadinejad’s re-election

  1. He’ll be back in 2020 when moderates suffer a complete humiliation. They need to be completely humiliated and discredited & get a blood nose before they learn their miserable lesson

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