Sierra Leone is Israel

294px-flag-map_of_sierra_leonesvg1On May 20, 2016, Israel-First American Jew columnist Thomas L. Freedman posted an article entitled, Sierra Leone is Israel, at the Jew York Times.

The West African Muslim majority (72%) nation got its independence from Great Britain on April 27, 1961. Its first prime minister, Sir Milton Margai was a Zionist Christian and a supporter of the Zionist entity. Since independence from UK, the country is still ruled by the Christian minority within country’s 6.6 million population. Country’s current president Ernest Bai Koroma is a devout Christian.

Koroma is notorious for cancelling his foreign trips. In 2012, he cancelled his landmark first visit to the Zionist entity to mourn the death of his mother. In April 2016, he had to cancel his official visit to Turkey and Lebanon over the arrest of an Israeli businessman Lipton Roman over arms smuggling.

Ex-president Brig. Gen. Joseph Momoth (1985-92), a British colonial military official, didn’t have any problem with the Jewish Mafia run by Ukrainian oligarch and mob boss Marat Balagula. Balagula had bankrolled Momoh’s 1985 presidential campaign. The Jewish ultra-gangster’s main contact in Sierra Leone was a Mossad agent named Shabtai Kalmanovitch, who trained Momoh’s presidential guard and assisted in the crushing of an attempted coup in 1986.

The Zionist rabbis found a community of 2,000 Black Jews aka Israelites of Jerusalem in Sierra Leone in the late 1960s.

Sierra Leone’s government complex, dumped as Al-Aqsa of Africa was built by the Zionist regime in appreciation to the country’s Blood Diamond money.

British ex-diplomat Craig Murray who was banned to enter America earlier this month, finally made to the presentation of Sam Adam Award to CIA whistleblower John Kiriakou at the Oxford Union. During his speech, Murray exposed Zionist-occupied Britain dirty hands in Sierra Leone (listen below).


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