NYT: China declares war on Jews!

2292166631On September 25, the New York Times published latest B.S. – claiming that after banning Muslim and Buddhist minorities to practice their faith in public, now Chinese authorities has declared war on the God’s Chosen People.

The paper’s expert on China even lamented that while China recognizes officially Islam, Buddhism, Catholicism, Protestantism and Taoism – Judaism is not recognized even though there are 1,000 Kaifeng Jews have lived among 1.2 billion Chinese for centuries.

On September 21, The Jewish Week, boasted that Pan Guang, a Confucian, is one of China’s leading experts on Jews and Judaism. Pan Guang delivered a 40-minute lecture at the City University of New York (CUNY) last week. He said Chinese interest in Jews is reflected in titles of such best-selling Chinese books as 16 Reasons for Jews Getting Wealthy and The Secret of Talmud: The Jewish Code of Wealth. He also said many Chinese want to know how the Jews are so smart.

In September 2015, Aryeh Tepper posted an article on Jewish The Tower, claiming, Ties between Jerusalem and Beijing have never been this strong.

I wonder who is not propagating the crap.

Lt. Gen. Ehud Barak, former prime minister, defense minster and chief of Jewish army, visited China in June 2011. Chinese chief of staff Gen. Chen Bingde visited Israel in 2012. Benjamin Netanyahu visited China in June 2013.

Beijing has traditionally been a supporter of the Palestinian cause at the United Nations, while at the same time drawing economically closer to Israel. Trade between the two nations is valued about $8 billion a year. China is primarily interested in American technology given to Israel through USAID.

Pakistan is the only Muslim country frequently visited by Chinese leaders. Pakistan recognized Communist China in 1949. Chinese prime minister Chou En-Lai visited Pakistan in 1956 and 1964 – followed by president Li Xiannian (1984), prime minister Le Peng (1989), Chinese president Yang Shangkun (1991), President Liu Shaoqi (1996), President Jian Zemin, prime minister Zhu Rongji (2001), President Hu Jintao (2006), PM Li Keqiang (2013), and China’s current president Xi Jinping (2015).

China is home to world’s largest Buddhist population of 102 million. The world’s total Buddhist population is around 590 million.

Muslim population in China ranges from 25-30 million. The holy Jewish Holocaust in the 1940s was peanut as compared to Muslim Holocaust carried out by the Chinese Communist regime during the 1952-1965. Over 26 million Muslim men, women and children were killed by Chinese Army or died of starvation in a femine created by the regime.


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