UK: Pro-Hamas Jeremy Corbyn wins big

Despite a vicious anti-Corby campaign by pro-Israel Jewish groups, Murdoch-owned mainstream media and even country’s prime minister Theresa May, Jeremy Corbyn retained leadership of UK’s main opposition Labour Party on Saturday by defeating MP Owen Smith who was overwhelmingly backed by the Labour Jews.

Corbyn secured 313,209 votes out of the 506,438 ballots cast, giving him 61.8 percent of the vote, and a larger mandate than the 2015 race.

Corbyn won a majority over Smith in every category – members (59%), registered supporters (70%) and trades union affiliates (60%).

Addressing the party’s annual women’s conference late on Saturday afternoon, Corbyn called for Labour to unite in the name of the pro-Palestine MP Helen Jo Cox who was murdered during the EU referendum campaign.

The Tory Friends of Israel has not given up. The ruling party has launched a multimedia campaign highlighting the divisions in the Labour party with the slogan: We have a winner, but it isn’t Britain.

According to a study by the London School of Economics, 75 percent of news seriously misrepresents Corbyn while the UK-based Media Reform Coalition published a study Thursday showing how BBC has given double the airtime to Corbyn’s critics during the attempted Zionist coup.

Corbyn has long been hostile to both NATO and the EU as presently constituted. This put him out of the Zionist-controlled British Establishment.

Pakistan-born British writer, author and documentary producer Tariq Ali, who knew Jeremy Corby for the last 40 years, has this to say about Corbyn.


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