Rabbi to leave UK over Brexit!

29a3[1]UK’s prominent female rabbi Baroness Julia Babette Sarah Neuberger is so paranoid by the recent victory of Brexit vote over Britain to leave the ‘all-White’ 28-member European Union (EU) club that she has decided to forgive Nazis for killing her relatives at Auschwitz and to become a German herself.

I cannot understand, why rabbi Neuberger wants to immigrate to Germany instead of Israel in-spite of Netanyahu’s non-stop appeals to the French and German Jews to immigrate to Israel as European are reviving their past hatred toward Jews by criticizing the Zionist entity?

My guess is rabbi Neuberger’s decision is based on economic reasons. German economy is far better than Britain, and Israeli Jews are facing a 30% poverty.

Britain’s former prime minister David Cameron admitted that Britain kept its EU membership to act as watchdog for Israel’s interests in the Middle East. On June 20, 2016, he told the audience at a charity event held by Jewish Care that if the UK remain in the EU, “this country as Israel’s greatest friend, would be in a stronger position to stop Iran getting a nuclear bomb.”

Rabbi Neuberger, 66, who belongs to the so-called Reform Judaism, is senior rabbi at a West London Synagogue. She is the second British woman to be ordained as a rabbi in 1977. She is also a former Chancellor of University of Ulster. She is married to professor Anthony Neuberger whose brother, Lord Neuberger, is president of the Supreme Court of the United Kingdom.

She supports the Zionist entity, and is very active in LGBT movement. In fact, her own daughter Harriet, a lesbian, married her longtime girlfriend Claire Summers in May 2014.

Early this year, in an interview with BBC, Baroness Neuberger, accused Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn of antisemitism.

So, I would bet my Canadian loonie that rabbi Neuberger is bluffing in order to show her sense of Jewish victimhood. She is not going to move to Germany with much larger Muslim population (4-5 million) as her family is amongst country’s top 100s.

Germany’s Foreign Ministry said that since the Brexit referendum in June, the London embassy had received about 400 inquiries about how to apply for German citizenship under article 116 of the country’s post-war Basic Law, and about 100 applications.


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