EU legal advisor: Hamas is not a terrorist organization

gaza1Under pressure from World Organized Jewry, the European Union (EU) classified the Gaza Strip ruling Palestinian Islamic Resistance Hamas as a ‘terrorist organization’ in late 2001.

In December 2014, against the wishes of European Jewish lobby groups, EU Court ordered the removal of Hamas from organization’s terrorist list. However, most of the 28 EU states ignored the ruling.

Benjamin Netanyahu, a known serial liar condemned the EU decision by stating: “The burden of proof is on the European Union. Hamas is a murderous terrorist organization, with the stated goal, in its charter, of destroying Israel. We will continue to fight against it with determination and strength, so that it will never achieve this aim.”

The Hamas Charter calling for the destruction of Israel is a lie no different than Ahmadinejad being accused of saying: Wipe Israel off the Map.

The World Jewish Congress (WJC) president Ronald S. Lauder said the ruling “sends a terrible signal regardless of the legal aspects involved here.”

UK-born Eleanor V.E. Sharpston QC, an advocate general at the Court of Justice of the European Union has recommended that Hamas be removed from EU’s list of terror organizations.

Eleanor Sharpston argued that the EU cannot rely on facts and evidence found in press articles and information from the internet, rather than in decisions of competent authorities, to support a decision to maintain a listing, the court said in a statement.

On Thursday, the court received advice on the case from Ms Sharpston. The top court generally follows these opinions. The final ruling is likely to take several more months.

In October 2009, American Jewish writer and blogger, Mary Rizzo, wrote an article debunking Zionist lies about Hamas such as:

1) Hamas was created by the Israeli Mossad.

2) Hamas represents a marginal portion of the Palestinians.

3) Hamas turned democratic enough just to be able to obtain some legitimacy to later take over and turn the Palestinian Territories into an Islamic State.

4) Their victory in the polls was nothing more than a protest vote against the corruption of Fatah.

5) Hamas is comprised of a bunch of illiterates and their electors are sucked in by their own ignorance.

6) Hamas is a fundamentalist group and therefore inflexible and incapable of any modification or evolution. The oft cited Charter is used against them to stress that they are simply a radical, destructive group poised for Holy War.

7) Hamas does not seek any kind of compromise with other Palestinian political parties or factions, and are therefore the divisionary element that prohibits of the unity of the people.

8 ) Hamas operates to indoctrinate their people with hate propaganda in order to utilise them as cannon fodder.

9) Hamas is a terrorist group that exists only thanks to financing by “fundamentalist regimes”.

I was introduced to Gilad Atzmon at Rizzo’s blog over a decade ago.

Britain and Australia have designated the military wing of Hamas, the Izz ad-Din al-Qassam Brigades, as a terrorist organization. On the other hand, Russia, Iran, Pakistan, Lebanon, Norway, Switzerland, Brazil, Turkey, China, Qatar, Malaysia, South Africa, and several other countries consider Hamas as a democratically elected representative of Palestinian resistance against Zionist occupation of their ancestral homeland.


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