Putin’s Israeli soldiers

41[1]Last year, Alexander Zakharchenko, prime minister of the separatist Donesk People Republic called the US-EU installed regime in Kiev as controlled by miserable Jews.

In December 2014, the Israeli newspaper The Jerusalem Post reported that Alexander Zakharchenko’s foreign minister Aleksandr Kofman is Jewish and a former counselor in a Jewish Agency for Israel youth program.

Pinchas Vishedksi, the rabbi of Donetsk and an internally displaced person, told The Jerusalem Post that Kofman is fully Jewish according to Halacha.

In a recent interview with a Russian Jewish media outlet, Aleksandr Kofman boasted that several dozen of former soldiers from Israel Occupation Force (IOF) have joined as mercenaries with Russian-backed separatists in their occupation of eastern Ukraine.

Last year, ex-Israeli soldier Ina Levitan, 38, a Tel Aviv resident who was born in Baku, Azerbaijan, told Jerusalem Post that she had been in the conflict zone near the city of Lugansk since late 2014. She wrote an open letter to the Israeli Communist Party, in which she said she is not planning to enter the conflict, but is eager to fight against the fascist, pro-Nazis and oligarchs.

Ironically, Ukraine’s president Petro Poroshenko and several of his regime members are Jewish oligarchs. In 2014, Poroshenko announced a plan to turn Ukraine into the Jewish Promised Land.

The conflict in eastern Ukraine began in April 2014 after Kiev sent its troops to suppress the Donetsk and Lugansk Regions, which refused to recognize the new coup-imposed authorities in the capital. Some 6,832 people have been killed and at least 17,087 injured in the fighting in eastern Ukraine, according to UN estimates.

This prove my point in an earlier post that Putin and Netanyahu shares the same bed. Both Russia and the Zionist regime want to keep Red Army’s butchery during WWII, their lies about the Holocaust, and their common hatred toward German nation narratives alive.

On January 14, 2016, professor Josh Cohen (University of London) penned an Opinion Post at Reuters, entitled, Vladimir Putin is the closet thing to a friend Israel has ever had in Moscow, claiming that Russian interests in Syria are not much different than Israel.

In April 2015, Rabbi Aleksandr Boroda, president of Russian Federation of Jewish communities, told 1400 Jewish delegates attending an annual religious conference that without Putin in power Russia will be Hell for Jews.

There are more Russian Jews in Israel (900,000) than in Russia (200,000).

The Jewish Agency received at least $140 million in tax-favored donations in 2008 from US charitable federations.  Congress allocates $40 million a year in US taxpayer contributions to the Jewish Agency, but exercises no real oversight into how it actually uses the funds.  In addition to building illegal settlements, the Jewish Agency funds think tanks such as the Jewish People Policy Institute, which Dennis Ross established in 2002 and chaired before joining the Obama administration to spearhead efforts against Iran. The Jewish Agency has long been the world’s largest quasi governmental nonprofit corporation, its budget was $592 million in 2007,” Grant Smith at Anti-War.com on April 2, 2010.


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