Newsweek editor: European Jews are not Semite people

On September 6, 2016, Leila Hatoum, Newsweek magazine Middle East deputy-editor debunked Zionist myth of ‘God promised Jews the Holy Land’ via a lengthy Twitter exchange, saying: “The Zionist cry babies have no ties to the Holy Land.”

The exchange was in response to Leila Hatoum’s publishing an article, entitled, Where is Palestine, by anti-Zionist British Jewish journalist and author Ben White about whether Google was right to remove Palestine from its map of the region on August 24, 2016.

In response Leila Hatoum Tweeted on September 9: “So trolls can bark all the time but their case doesn’t hold. I’m Semite, unlike most of Zionist cry babies + I’m native of this land.”

Unlike most of the trolls, I’m not owned by any corporate + I don’t worship the $ nor I do care what the Zionists think about me,” she also tweeted.

Leila Hatoum also said that European Jews occupying Palestine now are Asiatic Turk Khazarian and their ancestors never lived in historic Palestine. Then she posted a video (see below) about the truth behind the Zionist lies.

Joe Hyams, CEO HonestReporting aka ZionistLiesRepoerting whined: “Newsweek ME is evidently been hijacked by agenda-driven journalism, none more so than Leila Hatoum who makes no effort to disguise her antisemism and hatred of Israel. Newsweek should take immediate action to protect its name from being associated with such an embarrassment.”

Pity – Moshe doesn’t realize that though Newsweek is Jewish (owned by IBT, which was founded by Zionist Jew Etienne Uzac), and the Newsweek ME also provide platform to Zionist Jew journalists – it is owned by Dubai-based Pakistan’s leading media and TV group ARY which is owned by media Mughal Salman Iqbal who studied at University of Houston, and is married to former Pakistani actress Sonya Khan. The weekly magazine is edited by Fasih Ahmed, the inaugural Daniel Pearl fellow.

Watch below Leila Hatoun’s 2007 interview about Lebanese Islamic Resistance Hizbullah with The Real News Network founded by Paul Jay (Jewish).



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