Philippines to expel US military officials

g41On Monday, Philippines president Rodrigo Duterte offended the Israeli colony (United States) by calling for the withdrawal of American Special Forces in the South Philippines. These American force has been training Philippine soldiers to use US supplied military hardware against Muslim separatists in the Mindanao and other Muslim majority islands.

“They have to go,” Duterte said in a speech during an oath-taking ceremony for new officials. “I do not want a rift with America. But they have to go.”

Speaking at an event being held in honor of the Islamic day of Eid’l Fit’r in Davao City in July 2016, Duterte challenged the narrative that the Middle East is the root of terrorism. It is not that the Middle East is exporting terrorism to America; America imported terrorism (to the Middle East), he said.

Last month, Duterte told John Kerry that US ambassador to Philippines, Philip  Goldberg (Zionist Jew) is a gay, the son of whore after accusing Goldberg of meddling in country’s election by running a smear campaign against him. During the election Goldberg had accused Duterte for not taking necessary action to save the life an Australian missionary who was rapped and murdered in 1989 prison riot in Davao, the city he ran for two decades as city Mayor.

Goldberg and the Australian ambassador Amanda Gorely both strongly criticised these comments.

US State Department summoned Filipino charge d’affaires, Patrick Chuasoto on Monday to lodge protest over Duterte’s insulting Goldberg.

United States is the largest supplier of arms to Philippines. Other suppliers since 2008 included France, Germany, Italy, Israel, South Korea, and Poland. In 2014, Manila signed a $20 millions deal with Israel’s Elbit to supply Philippines Army its latest armored personnel carriers including 25 mm unmanned turrets, 12.7 mm remote controlled weapon stations (RCWS) and fire control systems (FCS) for 90 mm turrets.

In 2015, Philippines spent $2.3 billions on its armed forces.


2 responses to “Philippines to expel US military officials

  1. Duterte prefers that his murders have no foreign witnesses. ^..^

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