Iran gave ballistic missiles to N. Korea!

rocpad1That’s what the Jewish controlled media claimed after the recent ballistic missile test by North Korea.

Pyongyang announced on Friday that the test proved it is capable of mounting standardized nuclear warheads on strategic ballistic missiles.

The test marked the 68th anniversary of the founding of North Korea by Kim Il Sung, the grandfather of North Korea’s current leader Kim Jong Un.

On September 9, David Israel cursed Barack Obama on going ‘soft’ on Iran’s nuclear program at the Jewish Press com., which has emboldened other rogue states to conduct ballistic missile tests.

So far, Iran has already launched its ballistic missile, and it appears that secret clauses in its nuclear deal will make it particularly easy to renew plutonium enrichment,” whined Israel.

Let’s not tell the Zionist idiot that the Zionist entity has 250-400 nuclear and chemical  bombs – over 30 of Jericho III ballistic missiles based on French and American technology, and three German submarines equipped with nuclear war-heads. Many scholars believe that Israel is also a rogue state.

In March 2016, the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) tested two home-made ‘Qadr H’ ballistic missiles with a 2000km-range. On missile had a message written on it that said in Hebrew: Zionist regime should be wiped off the Earth.

On May 10, 2016, Peter Brookes at The National Interest claimed that “North Korea could be secretly building a nuclear bomb for Iran.” The US-based TNI was established by Zionist Jew Irving Kristol, known as the “godfather of the Neo-Conservatism”. His son William Kristol is a well-known Israeli propagandist.

Propaganda aside – the nuclear tests conducted by both Israel and India were fizzle. The term is applied in the nuclear field when a nuclear test fails to meet the desired yield or fails short by 30% or more. The yield is the amount of energy produced (TNT) when a nuclear device is detonated.

North Korea signed NPT in 1991, but withdrew in 2002 as result of bullying by the US and Israel.

Iran signed NPT in 1970 – nine years before the Islamic Revolution.

Israel, India, and Pakistan have refused to sign NPT to this day.

Stockholm-based International Peace Research Institute reported in 2014 that the annual military budget of Iran, Sweden, Belgium, Greece, North Korea, and Ukraine is between $5-6 billion. Contrary to that, Israel’s annual military budget was $17.3 billions + $3.1 billions US military aid.

Before the 1979 Islamic Revolution, the US and UK were the main arms suppliers to the country. Both the US and Israel played the Midwife for Iran’s nuclear research program in the 1960s. United States sold the first nuclear reactor (5 mW) to Tehran University.

During the 8-year Iraq-Iran War, Washington enforced a ban on the supply of spare parts to the aging tanks, helicopters and jets it sold to King Reza Shah. The ban forced Iran to become self-sufficient in military warfare. Currently, 80% of country’s defense needs – from guns to Bavar 3703 air defense system, are home-made.

What is it that stops America’s military strike on Iran despite Israeli pushing? Lebanese newspaper al-Akhbar described it on September 26, 2014.


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