Chutzpah: Antisemitism Forum at UN

On September 7, 2016, the UN ambassadors from Israel, US, Canada, and a delegation from European Union held one-day forum at United Nations headquarter in New York to fight antisemitism globally.

The UN secretary-general Ban Ki-Moon didn’t attend the forum but sent a message via video-link.

President of the UN General Assembly Mogens Lykketoft, former Danish foreign ministry irked the ambassadors and pro-Israel and Jewish audience claiming that criticism of the Zionist regime’s policies couldn’t be equated with hatred towards Jews.

We, the United Nations, have an enormous responsibility to go up against all expressions of prejudice and incitement. But we have to be extremely careful and precise in what is and what is not anti-Semitism. It’s not anti-Semitic to call for an end of the occupation and oppression of the people of Palestine, and to demand an end to illegal settlements on occupied Palestinian land,” Lykketoft said.

In 2014, Mogens Lykketoft visited Israel and met PA officials and not Israeli leaders. He slammed Gen. Ariel Sharon as brutal.

Israeli envoy, Danny Danon, as expected, lied from both ends of his mouth: “Hatred of Jews and demonization of Israel is at highest level in our lifetimes. Over 1/3 of European Jews are afraid to wear yarmulke or the Star of David in public. More than half of French Jews have considered immigrating because they don’t feel safe living as Jews in France,” he said.

In December 2014, Danny Cohen, head of BBC made a similar claim about the British Jews.

The forum was moderated by Jane Eisner, editor-in-chief of the US-based Jewish Daily Forward. Obama administration was represented by Ira Forman, the US Watchdog to monitor hatred toward Jews especially in the Muslim world.

Hypocrisy of the US, Israel, Canada, and some EU members is so glaring. These are the very countries which boycotted the United Nation conference on racism in Durban, which declared Israel an Apartheid entity.

On November 10, 1975, 72 members of United Nations voted in favor of the resolution with just 35 against it and 32 abstained. The anti-Israel resolution was watered-down in 1991 under pressure from powers controlling the UN Security council. Then UN secretary-general, Peruvian-born Perez de Cuellar attacked Res. 3379 with a stupid analogy. He claimed that since Kurds living in Iraq, Turkey, Iran and Syria or the Basques living in Spain are not called “racists” for fighting for separate homelands – why Jewish aspiration to have a separate homeland (even though their ancestors didn’t live in Palestine for hundreds of centuries) could be equated with racism

Several studies have proven that a great majority of European Jews are not Semite people (here, here). Historically, there are far more Arabs with Semitic family roots among 350 million Arabs than 13 million Jews around the Globe.

Many Israelites living in Jerusalem converted to Christianity after the destruction the Temple of prophet Solomon in 587 BC. Some of Christians and Jews in Jerusalem converted to Islam after Arabs took control of the city in 637 CE.

The term Antisemitism was coined by Wilhelm Marr in the 1870s. It was applied to European Christians who hated Jews. However, when it’s written with hyphen Anti-Semitism – it means hatred toward Semite people.

There is more hatred towards Jews found in the Jewish bible (OT) than the Christian Bible (NT), and Holy Qur’an put together. Hatred towards Jews was quite common in the early Zionist literature.

Professor Aisha Y. Musa (Florida International University) explains what Holy Qur’an says about Yahud (Israelite).


One response to “Chutzpah: Antisemitism Forum at UN

  1. Some interesting points on here. However, the zionists may argue long and loud that “anti-semite” was the invention of Wilhelm Marr in the late 1800s and applied solely to Jews, but according to medieval historian and professor Teofilo Ruiz, – ex Princeton currently at UCLA – the term had been used in the 16th century to refer to Muslims & Sephardi Jews of Iberia.

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