Talib Kweli vs a Canadian Zionist

talibkweli2Last month, America’s Hip Hop legend Talib Kweli Greene called out Toronto’s Zionist “expert on Islam” Tarek Fatah, a racist and white supremacist on Tweeter.

Jewish Breibart magazine founded by the ‘Proud Jew’ Andrew Breitbart, slammed Twitter for not canceling Kweli’s account over insulting the so-called “Muslim Reformer” Tarek Fatah.

I’m no fan of Hip Hop music, but I happened to meet Tarek Fatah in Toronto in the 1980s when he was struggling to find a steady job as a journalist in the media mostly controlled by Zionist Israel Harold “Izzy” Asper.

Then came the September 11, 2001 attacks which opened doors to Tarek Fatah’s success. Tarek Fatah, like Canadian lesbian Irshad Manji, UK’s Maajid Nawaz, and others has made a career out of berating Muslim minority communities in the West, supporting discriminatory laws, and perpetuating faulty radicalization and counter-terrorism theories in order to profit. On top of this these so-called  “liberals and moderates” are some of the worst hypocritical bigots through their support for the Zionist entity and collaboration with anti-Islam Jews, Christians and Hindus.

Tarek Fatah is quoted as saying: “I’m an Indian born in Pakistan. I’m a Punjabi born in Islam.”

On August 21, 2012, Tarek Fatah in an opinion-column at the Toronto Sun, entitled, “Pakistan: The Demon the West created” blamed Pakistan of harboring anti-India and anti-West ‘Islamist terrorists’. He also blamed Muslims for the London Bombing (7/7), and September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks.

Tarek Fatah, who lived in Saudi Arabia for many years, was sent to Canada by his Saudi mentor to spread Shia-Sunni divide.

Talib Kweli was born into a practicing Catholic Afro-American family. As a teenager, he began questioning his faith, and turned into an atheist. He claims that it’s Malcolm X who brought him back to God.

After reading about Malcolm’s ultimate spiritual conversion towards the end of the book, I came to the conclusion that if Malcolm X was right about everything else, he must be right about God. I did not decide to follow Islam at this time, but I decided that God must be real for a man like Malcolm to exist,” Talib wrote on his Tumbler account (here).

Talib posted on his Twitter account: I’m not a Muslim, but I recognize Western demonization of a beautiful way of life. Islam doesn’t oppress women – men do.

Tarek Fatah has every reason to mad at Talib. For example, in 2014, Talib canceled his planned show in Israel. In March 2016, he called Zionist Jews, “racists, killers, and dumb” in response to an idiot calling him an ‘antisemite’.


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