Dutch ex-PM: Netanyahu is a ‘War Criminal’

driesvanagt2Former Dutch prime minister Dries Van Agt (1977-82) has called Zionist entity’s prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu a war criminal who should be tried at the International Criminal Court in The Hague.

Speaking to Dutch television channel NPO 1, he said: “There is a war criminal to this country. so why we should receive someone who continue to violate United Nation resolutions on occupation, settlements, and terrorism.”

Professor Van Agt (Catholic University of Nijmegen) was a staunch supporter of the Zionist entity during his time as country’s minister of justice and prime minister. However, in 2008 he confessed that he was ashamed of siding with Israel during his tenure. As an eye-opener for him served a horrendous story of a Palestinian student humiliated by the Jewish soldiers he heard on a visit to Bethlehem in 1999.

Netanyahu arrived in Netherlands on Tuesday on a two-day official visit. He held meetings with his Dutch counterpart Mark Rutte whom he calls “a personal friend”, followed by a visit to the Dutch monarch King Willem-Alexander. This is Netanyahu’s second visit to Amsterdam. He visited the city in 2012, while Mark Rutte visited Tel Aviv in 2013.

Mark Rutte in a joint news conference with Netanyahu called for an end to new illegal Jewish settlements. He also called for an independent Palestinian state over PA territories occupied by Israel during June 1965 war.

On Wednesday, Netanyahu visited Dutch parliament and shook hand with MPs. However, Muslim MP Tunahan Kuzu, 34 – wearing a Palestinian flag lapel pin – refused to shake hand with Netanyahu.

Netanyahu on his part announced that Netherlands will help Israel to steal Gaza offshore gas reserves by building a pipeline between Israel and Gaza Strip.

Thousands of Dutch citizens flooded Amsterdam street against Netanyahu visit (see video below).

A day ahead of Netanyahu visit, the Zionist regime announced that it would allowed The Hague-based ICC delegate to visit Gaza in order to investigate Israel’s barbarism during Israel’s 2014 bombardment of Gaza – as long as the investigation remains “unofficial”.

While in Amsterdam, Netanyahu will most certainly pay his respect to the holy house of Anne Frank, and use the opportunity to warn Dutch people about the threat of antisemitism if they accept Muslim refugees from Syria.

King Willem-Alexander’s mother ex-Queen Beatrix was criticized by anti-Muslim and pro-Israel lawmaker Geert Wilders in January 2012, over wearing headscarf while visiting mosques in UAE and Oman.

Last year, Madrid Supreme Court judge declared Netanyahu and five other Israeli army generals as war criminals over their part in 2010 attack on Freedom Flotilla to Gaza.

In 2014, Cuban revolutionary leader Fidel Castro in an Op-Ed in newspaper Granma compared Jewish army’s war on Gaza with Nazis mass killing of Jews in Europe in the 1940s. Castro also slammed Washington for its military and moral support to the Zionist regime in carrying out the Palestinian Holocaust, as “disgusting”.

“I think that a new and disgusting form of fascism is emerging with considerable force at this moment in human history,” Castro wrote.


3 responses to “Dutch ex-PM: Netanyahu is a ‘War Criminal’

  1. http://www.jta.org/2016/09/07/news-opinion/world/dutch-lawmaker-accused-of-anti-semitism-after-refusing-to-shake-netanyahus-hand

    If you have not been called an anti-semetic you have not paid any attention since 1948 or have been fast asleep…..We love Mr.Kuzu!!!!!!!!!!!! regards

  2. Want to hear a ‘conspiracy theory?’

    I still go to “Kenny’s Sideshow’ to get some links to read and this morning, noticed two are missing, yours and one called “Fig Trees and Vineyards.”



    Are certain thoughts now being wiped off the web?

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