Oops! Russian education minister admires Stalin

stalin1You think Chechen, Tatar or Ingush Muslim communities would demand that Russian dictator Josef Stalin be declared a war criminal for Muslim Holocaust of over two millions. No, it’s the Russian Jewish groups who are running a smear campaign against Russian education minister Olga Vasilyeva, PhD, an academic for praising Stalin for defending Soviet Union from Nazis.

Stalin who is known for destroying thousands of churches and mosques – never harmed a single synagogue. He not only established world’s first Jewish state Birobidjan in Russia in 1934, but he also midwifed the Zionist state in Palestine.

The Jewish Lobby (Federation of Jewish communities of Russia) has accused Olga Vasilyeva of saying that Stalin, for all his faults was good for the country because before the war he began the process of unification of the nation, returned to the heroes of pre-revolutionary Russia and promoted in Russian language and literature, three years ago.

The FJR and Zionist Christian leaders were against Olga Vasilyeva’s appointment as minister of education from day one. They ran a vicious campaign of hatred, lies and defamation against her with the help of Jewish-controlled press and social media.

Olga Vasilyeva, 56, is known as a conservative Russian Orthodox and believer in the ‘good-old’ Russian Empire. She explains Russian patriotism by quoting Tsar Ivan IV the Terrible: “Treason against the ruler is regarded as a treason to the motherland,” while adding, “One should not betray the Russian state and its ruler. One should love and protect them.”

Ivan’s Christian horde attacked Kazan Muslim Khanate of Astrakhan in August 1552, commanding an army of 150,000. Besieged Tatars were no match against the Russian invaders. On October 2, 1552, Russian army entered the city while Ivan stayed back in his camp praying like a coward.

In Kazan the Muslim population was expelled and Russian colonists were moved in, mosques were replaced by Russian Orthodox churches and the Tatars of the surrounding country were pressed to convert to Christianity. Four years later, in 1556, Ivan annexed the Khanate of Astrakhan, further south-east, which made the whole Volga a Russian river and gave Muscovy complete control of the important trade-route to the Caspian Sea.

If I were Vasilyeva, I would say that I consider Stalin to be a person who made huge efforts to destroy Himmler and Hitler, stopping the annihilation of Jewish people all over the world, including Russian Jews. Stalin prevented the furnaces from burning from Vitebsk to Vladivostok, and it was also partly thanks to Stalin that the state of Israel was created, making the centuries-old religious dream of the Jews to restore their state come true. Stalin directly contributed to that. It seems to me that the Jews – in Russia, in Israel, and from all over the world – should visit Stalin’s tomb at the Kremlin at least twice a year, on his birth and death anniversaries, bringing wreaths to show their gratitude,” wrote Alexander Prokhanov, editor of the newspaper Zavtra.

In an interview with Iran’s Press TV in 2014, Prokhanov, an aid to Vladimir Putin, said that the United States and Israel were one and the same when it comes to supporting a terrorist organization like ISIS.


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