Oscar Biscet: The Cuban Elie Wiesel

On August 31, 2016, Havana-born Dr. Jose Azel, a researcher at the University of Miami in an article advised Obama administration to learn how to fight the ‘evil regime’ in Cuba, from the Holocaust myth-maker Elie Wiesel. In order to do that, Azel recommended Washington and all the ‘moral conscientious Americans’ should support the Cuban dissident Oscar Elias Biscet, a physician, who spent 12 year out of 25 year sentence in prison for anti-government activities in Cuba.

Azel calls Biscet, a man of peace and prisoner of conscience like Wiesel – the man who urged Senate to declare war on Iran in January 2014.

Biscet, 54, is an African-Cuban and his second wife Elsa Morejon has Jewish family roots. Biscet claims to be a disciple of Rev. Martin Luther King. He was released from prison in 2010 and visited the United States on Obama’s invitation in 2013.

Last month, Biscet visited the Zionist entity, and told the Times of Israel that Castro regime hate Jews and Israel. He also said: “I am worried about Israel and its relation to Cuba because it’s the only example of democracy and liberty and freedom of religion in the Middle East.” That proves Biscet to be a Donkey of Zionism.

In the past, Biscet campaigned for the release of American Jew Alan Gross who was convicted for espionage and spent a few years in jail but was released ahead of Obama’s historic visit to Cuba in March 2016.

On June 29, 2016, at a news conference at the University of Miami Biscet condemned Barack Obama for shaking hand with Cuban president Raul Castro, saying: “When you see the faces of Fidel and Raul Castro you are not only looking at their faces, but at the faces of Stalin and Hitler and they symbolize terror and death.”

The Israel-lover Biscet may not know that it were Frankist Jews who committed Holocaust, and Stalin’s Jewish executioners killed more than 7 million Ukrainian Christian while Stalin established the first Jewish State in Russia in 1934.

American author and researcher, Walt Peretto, explains the Cuban-Israel history as follows:

Israel opposes any country or NGO that supports the plight of the Palestinians. This includes the Cuban government, but they see the bigger picture decades from now when they hope to impose a North American union as prelude to a one world union led by the same international banking community which created the Two World Order of the last century and who also founded the State of Israel in 1947. So I predict that Israel will mostly overlook Cuba’s support for the Palestinians in favor of the long term goals of the internationals and their one world government vision.

Officially, diplomatic ties between Cuba and Israel ended in 1973. Since then, the Israeli press has accused the Cuban government of being anti-Semitic, anti-Israel, and pro-Palestinian. Yet Jewish leaders in Cuba have asserted that Synagogues within Cuba are safe. This fact dispels the notion that Cuba is officially anti-Semitic. In the past the Cuban government has recognized Israeli’s right to exist so the accusation that Cuba is anti-Israel is also false. There is no doubt that Cuba is pro-Palestinian and has been vocal with their accusations of atrocities committed by the Israeli government against the Palestinian people. Cuba has also sent aid to the PLO under Yasser Arafat in defiance of Israel. The Israeli press has condemned these actions while continuing to support the traditional US policies toward Cuba. However, the Israeli press has been openly critical toward recently ‘improved’ US/Cuban relations.


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