Jew actor: Obama is a ‘Crypto-Muslim’!

Obama-Israel-holocaustl[1]American model and soap-opera actor, Antonio Sabato Jr. speaking at the Republican National Convention in July 2016 said that he was 101% sure US president Barack Obama is not a Christian but “on the other side” (a Crypto-Muslim).

Sabato was born to Prague-born Yvonne Sabato Jewish mother, and Italian Catholic father. But he adopted her mother’s family name.

Interestingly, professor James Petras called Barack Obama, the First Jewish President. Former Jewish Congressman Abner Mikvaner, adviser to president Bill Clinton made a similar statement about Sen. Barack Obama in 2008.

Dr. Paul Craig Roberts called Obama, the White House Fool.

None of them called Barack Obama a ‘secret Muslim’.

But then, Sabato is not the only idiot among the Nation of Fools. For example, a poll conducted among Republicans showed that 43% of the fools among them still believe that even though Barack Obama attends church every Sunday and celebrates Jewish religious events at the White House – he is in fact a Muslim. In the past, both presidents John Adams and Thomas Jefferson could have been ‘secret Muslims’ for studying Holy Qur’an and having good relations with some Muslim countries.

Let’s not forget, in his 2012 address at the UNGA in New York, Barack Obama equated Jewish Holocaust with Christian and Islam religions.

On January 30, 2014, Jessica Steinberg reported at the Times of Israel that Barack Obama’s father was a Kenyan Muslim but his American White mother, Ann Dunham had Jewish family roots. Mark Okoth Obama, Barack’s Jewish step-brother’s mother Ruth Ndesandjo was also Jewish.

Rabbi Casper Funye, the spiritual leader of the Beth Shalom Bnai Zaken Ethiopian Hebrew Congregation in Chicago is Michael Obama’s cousin.

I don’t believe Obama follows the God that I love and the Jesus that I love,” said Sabato.

When was the last time you heard a Jew loving Jesus instead of cursing? Watch a video below.

I believe that he’s on the other side – the Middle East. He’s with the bad guys. He’s with them. He’s not with us. He’s not with this country,” added Sabato.

I think the idiot spoke the truth without realizing it. Israel is in the Middle East; Israelis are the bad guys and Obama has supported them a president since 2009.


One response to “Jew actor: Obama is a ‘Crypto-Muslim’!


    Please sign, the Zionist bastard will be in the Netherlands next week.


    Ans & Joop Jansen

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